Getting Started with eBooks

Highlights electronic books available through the University of Arkansas Libraries

About eBooks

The Libraries offer more than 500,000 electronic books: both electronic versions of print titles as well as "born digital" editions that have no paper version.

Some eBooks may be used by many people simultaneously.  Others are limited to only 1 or 2 users at one time.

Most eBooks allow printing and downloading of a section or chapter. The downloaded chapter can generally be read with a PDF reader like Adobe Reader.  Some services allow you to download and "check out" an eBook for a limited number of days. 

This guide is designed to help you locate and use our  eBook collections. 

Where to Find Them

Our eBooks can be found:

E-Journal and E-Book Search

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Downloading, Digital Rights Management, and Copyright

Due to publisher restrictions, many eBooks cannot be downloaded in their entirety but must be downloaded in chapters or sections. Some publishers place a limit on how many pages can be downloaded or printed at once. 

In addition, most library eBook database will not allow you to download books directly to your Kindle or Nook without additional software.  Most eBooks will work well on tablets and even smartphones. 

Fair use (a section of the Copyright Law) and licensing agreements generally allow you to download and/print sections of eBooks when needed for your current educational and/or research activities but not to redistribute those PDFs to others. 


eBook FAQs

DataBase eBook Chart


Online Reading Downloading, Saving & Printing Citation Creation Citation Manager Mobile Device Supported

Ebook Central (was ebrary)

Click 'Read Online' Click 'Full Download' or 'Chapter Download' (Restrictions apply)

 Online support.

Export citations Not Available

EBSCO eBook Collection

Click 'PDF Full Text'

Click 'Download This Book ' or 'Save page' for sections. (Restrictions apply)

Online support.

Export citation; download the citation file.

ASCE Materials

Click 'PDF'

Download PDF file

Not available Export citation, or download the citation file. Optimized for mobile devices

ASTM Materials

Click 'Download PDF' Download PDF file Not available Download citation files. Not available

IEEE Xplore

Click 'Full Text' Download PDF file. Online support with editing needed Download citation files. Optimized for mobile devices
Cambridge Books Online Click 'PDF' Click 'PDF' to download or read Online support Download citation files. Not Available


Click the title or icon Click the gear icon then 'Download section'. Online support Not available

Synthesis Digital Library (Morgan&Claypool)

Click 'PDF' Click 'PDF' to download or read Not available Not available Not Available

Wiley eBooks

Click 'PDF' Click 'PDF' to download or read Not available Not available Not Available

R2 Digital Library

Click the title Print the page shown in browser. Online support Download citation files. Not Available


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