Finding and Using Ebooks

Highlights electronic books available through the University of Arkansas Libraries

About JSTOR Ebooks


JSTOR Collections

The Libraries offer access to ebooks from university and other academic presses on the JSTOR platform. These include:

Individual Books Owned by the Libraries

These titles have been purchase and are owned as physical books are owned in perpetuity. 
These have the series "JSTOR Online Books."

More than 6,000 open access titles free to all

These have the series "JSTOR Ebooks: Open Access." 

JSTOR Open Access example

"Try Before you Buy" Collections

JSTOR Ebooks: DDA Frontlist

These titles are purchased automatically after a certain number of uses.

JSTOR DDA Frontlist example

JSTOR Ebooks: EBA Title List

High-use titles are purchased at the end of the fiscal year


The JSTOR Platform

Unlike Ebsco or ProQuest, ebooks on JSTOR

  • offer unlimited simultaneous users
  • can be downloaded a chapter at a time with no limits on downloads
  • do not require special software to read offline
  • are presented as distinct chapters, rather than the entire book in one file

Learn more about using JSTOR ebooks from the JSTOR ebooks LibGuide

The Basics: JSTOR Ebooks

Where can I find them?

Most are in the library catalog and in QuickSearch.  Some "try before you buy" and open access titles may only be found by searching the JSTOR platform.

How many simultaneous users?

Titles are licensed for unlimited users. 

Do I need a special account?

No.  You can create a personal account to save items to your "Workspace." 

Are there download or print limits? 

Individual chapters may usually be downloaded in PDF format.  There are no limits per session. 

Can I read offline? 

Individual chapters may usually be downloaded to your device for offline reading.

Is special software needed? 


How long may I check a book out to read offline?

Individual chapters may usually be downloaded and kept indefinitely.  

JSTOR What is Owned, What is Leased, and What is Open

Limit your Search

In JSTOR searching, use the access type limit for "Content I can access."  That will limit your search results to books and articles available to U of A searchers today. Tomorrow there may be more or fewer matching documents as journal archives expand and book collections change. 

JSTOR searching: limit to Content I can access


In the library catalog, the series "JSTOR Ebooks: EBA Title List"  and "JSTOR Ebooks: DDA Frontlist" designate books in the "Evidenced Based Acquition" or "Data Driven Acquisiton" programs.    These books are available to us on a "try before you buy" basis.  The books with the highest use will be purchased. 

Want to use a DDA or EBA book for your class?  Please contact us at so that we can purchase a copy for you to make it available on a permanent basis. 

JSTOR EBA series in library catalog

JSTOR Open Access Books

When viewing an open access ebook on JSTOR, look for the green OPEN ACCESS icon.  This icon indicates the item is freely available to anyone.
In the library catalog, you will see the series "JSTOR Open Access ebooks."