How to find current and historical newspapers at the Libraries and beyond.

About Newspaper Directories

These sources will help you locate entire papers by geographic area and, in some cases, by time period or political stance.

Some may be in the collections at the University Libraries; others may need to be borrowed on Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad).

Need help finding articles on a topic? Look at  Newspaper Indexes, instead.

Catalogs and Bibliographies

There are a number of specialized guides idenitifying newspapers published for particular audiences, from a particular place, or during a particular time. Here are a few to check for in-depth research:


"Ayers" also known as Rowell's, Directory of Publications, Gale Directory of Publications, etc. is an annual publication listing newspapers and, later in its publication history, radio and television stations, by state and city. Most entries will provide information on editors, circulation figures, ad rates, and publication frequency.

The University Libraries own a fairly solid run of Ayers in microfilm and print. See the chronological list below for holdings.

  • Rowell's American Newspaper Directory, 1869-1908
    [Not held by the University Libraries]
    Some years available at the Library of Congress

  • N.W. Ayer & Son's American newspaper annual, 1880 - 1909
     Library Annex Cabinets  Z6951 .A97
    Some years available on HathiTrust

  • N. W. Ayer & Son's American newspaper annual and directory, 1910-1929
     Library Annex Cabinets Z6951 .A97
    Some years available on Hathitrust

  • N.W. Ayer & Son's directory of newspapers and periodicals, 1930-1969
     Library Annex Cabinets Z6951 .A97

  • Ayer directory, newspapers, magazines, and trade publications, 1970-1971
     Library Annex Cabinets Z6951 .A97

  • Ayer directory of publications, 1972-1982
     Library Annex  Z6951 .A97 (1972 in PER- MFILM)

  • The IMS ... Ayer directory of publications, 1983-1985
     Library Annex E  Z6951 .A97

  • IMS directory of publications, 1986
    [Not held by the University Libraries]

  • Gale directory of publications, 1987-1989
     Library Annex   Z6951 .A97

  • Gale directory of publications and broadcast media, 1990-
    Main Z6951 .A97, 2010 - [Latest at Mullins Help Desk]
     Library Annex Cabinets Z6951 .A97, 1990-2009

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