How to find current and historical newspapers at the Libraries and beyond.

Current and Recent International Papers Online

Historical International Papers Online

Nexis Uni: Browsing the Source List for International Papers

  1. Connect to Nexis Uni
  2. From the top menu, choose All Sources.
    Nexis Uni Menu for Sources
  3. Though it seems counter-intuitive, in the left menu choose Jurisdiction and International. 
    Nexis Uni : Filter by Jurisdiction
  4. Choose a region such as International > Europe. Or limit to a specific Country within that region. 
    Nexis Uni - Filter by region and country
  5. After you have chosen your country or region, you will see a list of publications and other sources that match your geographic criteria.
    At this point you may click on a title to "Get documents" from that specific publication.
    Nexis Uni: Get documents from a specific source
  6. Or, scroll to the top add all the filtered publications from your selected geographic region to your search. 
  7. Nexis Uni - add publications to search criteria
  8. Enter your search terms in the tiny search box. 
    Nexus Uni - enter search terms
  9. Filter your search results by time period, type of publication, or other criteria. 
    Nexis Uni: Filter your search results
  10. Default sort is relevancy but you can also sort results by date oldest or most recent first. 
    Within an individual document, you may download the PDF, create a citation in various formats,save to Google Drive, or other options. 
    Nexis Uni - document options

International Newspapers in the Libraries

The Libraries receive a few current international publications in paper. Check this list of current newspapers in the Periodicals Reading Room on level 2 of Mullins Library.

Below is a list of international newspapers on microfilm or microfiche.

Note that angle brackets, <>, around dates indicate incomplete runs.

Newspaper County City Years Location  
The Financial post Canada Toronto 1975-1986 Microfilm   HG1 .F49
China post China Taipei 1966,1969-1970,1972. Holdings incomplete. Microfilm   Film 1166
Granma weekly review Cuba Havana S 1974-Je 1977. Microfilm   Film 1446
al-Ahram weekly Egypt Cairo 2003-2004 Microfilche  DT43 .A5
Le figaro France Paris 1914-1919 Microfilm   Film 1044
Der Kurier Germany Berlin 1945-1949 Microfilm   Film 560
Der Morgen Germany Berlin 1945-1949 Microfilm   Film 561
Die Neue Zeitung Germany München 1945-1949 Microfilm   Film 562
Neue Zeit Germany Berlin 1945-1949 Microfilm   Film 559
Hoey's Dublin Mercury Ireland Dublin 1770-1771 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reels 319-320
The Dublin Mercury Ireland Dublin 1769-1770 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 319-320
The Flying post, or, The post-master Ireland London 1701-1702 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 125
Filasṭīn = Falastin Palestine (now Israel) Jaffa <1929:9:21-1931:12:26> <1932:3:12,4:30,5:7> <1938:8:13-1939:7:25> <1941:11:1-1942:12:31> <1943:11:1-1948:12:31> <1950:1:1-1955:11:30> <1961:1:1-12:31> Microfilm   DS110.J3 F4
Business times Nigeria Lagos Jy 6, 1976-Jy 19, 1977 Microfilm   Film 1422
The Singapore herald Singapore Singapore Jy-D 1970 Microfilm   Film 1149
The Straits times Singapore Singapore <1966:1:1-1975:5:15> Microfilm   DS598.S7 A27
The Bangkok post Thailand Bangkok 1974-1975 Microfilm   Film 1171
Applebee's original weekly journal United Kingdom London 1720 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 231
Con-test United Kingdom London 1756-1757 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 230
Fog's weekly journal United Kingdom London 1728-1730 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 331
How do you do? United Kingdom London 1796 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 269
Lloyd's evening post United Kingdom London 1763-1800 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 167-168,396-423
Lloyd's evening post and British chronicle United Kingdom London 1757-1763 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reels 167-168, 396-423
London and provincial entr'acte United Kingdom London 1871-1872 Microfilm   PN2580 .L66
Man United Kingdom London 1755 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 214
Parker's penny post United Kingdom London 1725-1727 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 232-233
Sunday times United Kingdom London 1984- Microfilm   DA675 .S96
The Adventurer United Kingdom London 1752-1754 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 2
The Bath chronicle United Kingdom Bath 1784,1787-1789 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 44-44A
The British mercury United Kingdom London 1713-1716 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 45
The Centinel United Kingdom London 1757 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 49
The Country journal, or, The craftsman United Kingdom London 1733-1742 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 47-48,298
The Craftsman : being a critique on the times United Kingdom London 1727 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 47-48
The Daily advertiser United Kingdom London 1796 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 50-51
The daily courant United Kingdom London 1702-1726,1734 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 52-74,299-301
The Daily gazetteer United Kingdom London 1735-1741 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 75,302-306
The Daily journal United Kingdom London 1721-1724,1727-1735 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 76-85, 307-309
The Daily post United Kingdom London 1723-1724,1727-1731,1736-1745 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 86-94,310-317
The Daily universal register United Kingdom London 1785-1787 Microfilm   DA675 .T5
The Diary, or, Woodfall's register United Kingdom London 1789 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 318
The Entr'acte United Kingdom London 1872-1907 Microfilm   PN2580 .L66
The Evening mail United Kingdom London 1791 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 330
The Evening post United Kingdom London 1712-1724 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 120-123
The Free-enquirer United Kingdom London 1761 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 46
The Gazetteer and new daily advertiser United Kingdom London 1765-1770 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 332-341"
The General advertiser United Kingdom London 1745-1751 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 126-129,342-351
The General evening post United Kingdom London 1748,1771-1776,1790 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 130-132,352-356
The Grub-Street journal United Kingdom London 1730-1737 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 159,395
The Guardian weekly United Kingdom Manchester 124-131 1981-1984 Microfiche   AP4 .G83
The London advertiser, and literary gazette United Kingdom London 1751 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 430
The London chronicle United Kingdom London 1769,1781,1783-1784,1787-1788 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 169-175,424
The London chronicle, or, Universal evening post United Kingdom London 1759-1762,1764 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 176-178,425-427
The London courant, and Westminster chronicle United Kingdom London 1780 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 428-429A
The London daily advertiser United Kingdom London 1751 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 431
The London daily advertiser and literary gazette United Kingdom London 1751 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 430-431
The London daily post, and general advertiser United Kingdom London 1736,1738-1741,1743 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 179-180, 432-435
The London entr'acte United Kingdom London 1870-1871 Microfilm   PN2580 .L66
The London evening-post United Kingdom London 1730-1778 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 181-198,436-457
The London gazette United Kingdom London 1700-1788 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 199-210,458-481
The London journal United Kingdom London 1725-1734 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 211-213
The Manchester guardian United Kingdom Manchester 1828-1952 Microfilm   DA690.M4 M2
The Manchester guardian United Kingdom Manchester 1821-1825 Microfilm   DA690.M4 M2
The Manchester guardian and British volunteer United Kingdom Manchester 1825-1828 Microfilm   DA690.M4 M2
The Manchester guardian weekly United Kingdom Manchester 1985-1989 Microfiche   AP4 .G83
The Middlesex journal and evening advertiser United Kingdom London 1775 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 498
The Middlesex journal, or, Chronicle of liberty United Kingdom London 1769,1771-1772 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 215, 499-500
The Monitor, or, The British freeholder United Kingdom London 1755-1762 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 216-217
The morning chronicle United Kingdom London 1795- 1798 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 218-221
The Morning chronicle and London advertiser United Kingdom London 1787 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 222-223
The Morning post United Kingdom London 1794 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 224
The Morning post and daily advertiser United Kingdom London 1786, 1788 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 225-228
The Morning post and fashionable world United Kingdom London 1794 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 229
The Old maid United Kingdom London 1755-1756 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 230
The Original weekly journal United Kingdom London 1719-1720 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 231
The Parliamentary spy United Kingdom London 1769-1770 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 166
The Public advertiser United Kingdom London 1764,1768,1771,1780-1785,1788 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 235-250
The Public ledger United Kingdom London 1761 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 251-252
The St. James's chronicle, or, British evening-post United Kingdom London 1789-1795 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 256-262
The Stars and stripes United Kingdom London <1942:4:18-1945:10:15> Microfilm   Film 868
The times United Kingdom London 1788- Microfilm   DA675 .T5
The Traiteur United Kingdom London 1780-1781 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 46
The Universal spectator and weekly journal United Kingdom London 1730-1733 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 265
The Weekly journal, or, British gazetteer United Kingdom London 1716-1720 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 266
The Weekly miscellany United Kingdom London 1732-1734 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 267
The Whisperer United Kingdom London 1770-1772 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 269
The White-hall evening-post United Kingdom London 1789 Microfilm   PN5114 .E27 Reel 270

International Newspapers from Other Collections

Center for Research Libraries Logo

Center for Research Libraries

The Center for Research Libraries (CRL) is your best source for historical newspapers from around the globe. CRL collects rare materials, including foreign newspapers, and makes them available to member libraries like the U of A.

Search the CRL Newspaper Catalog by title or by place of publication. You can borrow what you find on Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad). You may also find that portions of some papers have been digitized for use online.

Other places to look

Try these catalogs to help you identify other newspapers on microfilm that can be borrowed on interlibrary loan.