StaffGuide: Preservation

Preservation information and resources


commercially bound books on a book truck. cover colors vary.Commercial binding helps prolong and preserve materials by providing a hard cover and secure binding for either damaged items or those with soft covers. Periodicals, monographs, and music books from Mullins Library and the Fine Arts, Physics, and Chemistry branch libraries are sent out for binding.

The HF Group, our commercial bindery, adheres to the Library Binding Council standards, which require using specific methods and materials to extend the useful life of library books and periodicals.

Materials are prepared for and sent to the bindery monthly, and are generally returned the following month. Preservation prepares and coordinates bindery shipments, and processes materials upon return. The volumes on the cart in the photo have returned from the bindery and are ready to be shelved.

Library Catalog

Items with a status in OneSearch of BIND PREP may still be available for in-library use. Check at the Mullins Help Desk for availability.

Items with a status in OneSearch of TO BIND have been sent out to the commercial binder. Contact the Preservation Unit to be notified by email when an item returns to the library.

The following Sierra status codes are used for items handled by Preservation:

  • p (PRESERVATION) - items are being repaired, waiting for an enclosure, or otherwise being handled by Preservation, and are located in MULN 216
  • e (BIND PREP) - items are in Mullins, but in the process of preparation for sending to the commercial bindery
  • f (TO BIND) - items are at, or in transit to/from, the commercial binder and are not accessible to patrons or ILL
  • b (IN PROCESS) - items are no longer in MULN 216, and are being routed to their shelf location
  • t (IN TRANSIT) - items are no longer in MULN 216, and are being routed to LINX