StaffGuide: Preservation

Preservation information and resources

Preventive Conservation

Preventive conservation involves actions taken to prevent deterioration or damage of items in the Libraries' collections. These include:

  • environmental monitoring
  • disaster response and recovery
  • education on best practices for handling and use
  • reviewing exhibit materials
  • risk assessment
  • integrated pest management
  • proper procedures for packing and transport

Within the field of conservation, there are ten recognized agents of deterioration that preventive actions address:

  1. physical forces
  2. thieves/vandals
  3. fire
  4. water
  5. pests
  6. pollutants
  7. light
  8. incorrect temperature
  9. incorrect relative humidity
  10. custodial neglect and dissociation

The American Institute for Conservation maintains a wiki page with more information on preventive conservation.