StaffGuide: Preservation

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Pamphlet Binding

Pamphlets and music scores are usually printed as sets of unbound folded and single sheets without a binding. The sheets often cannot stand on their own, and benefit from the support and protection of a cover. A binder with sewn-in folded sheets and a pocket attached to the back to hold any loose pages is easy to shelve and retrieve. Sewing sheets into a pre-made binder takes around five minutes, or longer if the binder cover is custom made.

Supplies needed for pamphlet binding:

supplies used to sew sheets into binder

Sewing music scores into pre-made binders:

demonstration of sewing music score into binder

Custom pamphlet binders:


Music Binding

The Libraries purchase music books that may require commercial binding. The bindings may vary from a single volume, to a volume with a case pocket (to hold scores), or a case with a pocket only.

case with pocket holding scores, closed and standing on foreedge          music case with pocekt fully open