StaffGuide: Content Services Work Study & Hourly Employees



From time to time, the Serials Work Study & Hourly Employees might be asked to shred documents.

Content Services Location of the Shredder:

The shredder is located in the Content Services copier room.

Shredder Advice and Tips: 

  • The Monthly Copier/Shredder Duty list can be found in the Content Services copier room on the wall. This list consist of who is responsible for the Content Services copier room each month. If you are unable to find this person when you need help, please find your supervisor or someone in Serials who might can help you.
  • Do not overfeed the shredder! You can jam the shredder if you shred too many papers at once. It is best to feed the shredder 5-10 pages at a time. If an error occurs while shredding, please contact the person listed on the Monthly Copier/Shredder Duty list to help you.
  • Shredder is half-way full or full: check for the following:
    • If the shredder is half way full: Push the shredded paper down. Close the shredder door and make sure the shredder is operational before continuing to shred or before leaving the room. The shredder's red light will turn on if the shredder is not operational or the shredder door is still open. When the light is green, this means the shredder is operational. If you are having problems with the shredder, please alert the person who is listed on the Monthly Copier/Shredder Duty list.
    • If the shredder is full: Be sure to take the full bag out of the shredder bin, tie it up, and place the new bag in the shredder bin.Place the full bag in the mixed paper recycling bin. If the mixed paper recycling bin is full, place the bag in the small hallway leading to the Content Services copier room.
    • Extra shredder bags are located on the table or under the table in the Content Services copier room.If you are unable or uncomfortable changing the bag, please contact the person listed on the Monthly Copier/Shredder Duty list to help you.
  • If during the process of shredding, shredded paper gets on the floor, be sure to pick it up or use the mini vacuum to pick it up. The general rule for the copier room is that if you made a mess then clean it up before you are done with the room. Do not expect others to clean up after you.
    • The mini vacuum can be found in the Content Services supply area. Make sure as you return the mini vacuum that it is on its charging base so it can be charged.
  • If you encounter a major problem with the shredder or the mini vacuum, alert your supervisor.