StaffGuide: Serials Work Study & Hourly Employees

Through Routing Basket (Journals Returned from Routing)

Through Routing Basket Procedures:

  • Serials Work Study and Hourly Employees are responsible for checking the "through routing" basket and this task is part of their daily duties. The back up for the basket is the Serials Processing Specialist.

  • Exception: If you see issue(s) of The Chronicle of Higher Education or The New York Times Book Review in the "journals through routing" basket, they will not go through the "through routing" procedures. Please place these issues in the Binding basket immediately. Only these 2 titles will go through the "discard area (Binding)" procedures" after coming back from routing. 
  • If you do NOT see these titles in the "through routing" basket, please follow the instructions below.

When a Publication Returns from Routing:

  • Routed journals are publications sent to library personnel before being sent into general circulation.
  • Keep in mind that routed journals are never security stripped while they are being routed. We do this so library personnel can have the option to take the issue home with them and it will not beep at the gate. However, it is very important to add a security strip to the issue once it comes back from routing.
  • When a journal returns from routing, shipping and receiving personnel or the routee will place it in the "journals through routing" basket.
  • Checking the "journals through routing" basket is part of your daily duties so please check the basket during your work shift to see if any journals have been placed in the basket.

Where is the "journals through routing" basket located?

  • Serials has 4 baskets. "Routed journals" basket, "Serials outgoing mail" basket, "journals through routing" basket, and the "Binding" basket.
  • The "journals through routing" basket is next to the "Binding" basket on the lower shelf. Please see the image below. 

For each journal returned:

  • Remove the binder clip and the 3x5 index card with the routing label from the front cover of the issue.
  • Put the binder clip and the 3x5 index card with the routing label in the Serials Receiving Specialist's inbox. The specialist will reuse these materials.
  • Either search by journal title or call number in Sierra.
  • Go to the check in record. Make sure you go to the correct check in record with the correct location. Also make sure the check in card has the corresponding box with the same enumeration/cover date of the issue in hand. If you are unsure of which check in record to use or can’t find what you are looking for, please ask your supervisor for help.
  • Once you find the correct box, you will add a staff note in the box. It will say "Through routing (date/initials)". 
  • If you notice that their is already a staff note or notes in the staff note of the box, add your staff note right after the last staff note.
    • For example: (2/19/18 anm); Through routing (4/1/18 sd)


  • Click "OK" and click on the "Save" button.
    • You might have to manually force the "Save" button to show up. In order to do that, click [Ctrl]+ [E]. Click "OK". Then click the "Save" button.
  • The journal can then placed on the Serials processing table to receive a security strip and then be placed on its pick up shelf according to its location.