Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Arkansas Libraries

This library guide aims to provide diversity resources and services to students, faculty, and library staff.

Always Use the Microphone

Woman in wheelchair playing sportsDeibel offers these challenges to grasping accessibility issues in libraries:

  • Accessibility is complex. “[Libraries] have many working parts with working parts underneath,” she said. Physical spaces, people, holdings, and technology all need to be accessible.
  • Disability is diverse. There are many types of disability that affect people to a different extent and in different combinations.
  • Motivation. People react well to positive encouragement, but often don’t follow through. Meanwhile punishing people for noncompliance creates ill will.
  • Myths are prevalent. “Sometimes you have to have a sense of reality,” she said. It’s impossible to make something 100% accessible to everyone, and it’s a myth that things that aren’t accessible can’t be used at all by people with disabilities. Reasonable accommodations are required for a reason: It’s impossible to meet every need all of the time.

Online Resources on People with Disabilities

Some Selections from the Diversity Collection on Disability and Access

Dancing after hours, Andre Dubus (Author)
The cancer journals / Audre Lorde
The disability business : rehabilitation in America / Gary L. Albrecht
Claiming disability : knowledge and identity / Simi Linton ; forward by Michael Bérubé
Disability, self, and society / Tanya Titchkosky
Education, equality and human rights : issues of gender, 'race', sexuality, disability and social class / edited by Mike Cole ; with a foreword by Peter McLaren
The rejected body : feminist philosophical reflections on disability / Susan Wendell
Forbidden signs : American culture and the campaign against sign language / Douglas C. Baynton
Seeing voices : a journey into the world of the deaf / Oliver Sacks
Bending over backwards : disability, dismodernism, and other difficult positions / Lennard J. Davis ; with a foreword by Michael Bérubé
Questions of competence : culture, classification and intellectual disability / edited by Richard Jenkins
The human rights of persons with intellectual disabilities : different but equal / edited by Stanley S. Herr, Lawrence O. Gostin, Harold Hongju Koh
A history of childhood and disability / Philip L. Safford & Elizabeth J. Safford ; foreword by Seymour Sarason
Missing pieces : a chronicle of living with a disability / Irving Kenneth Zola
Disability politics : understanding our past, changing our future / Jane Campbell and Mike Oliver
Disability, civil rights law, and policy / Peter Blanck [and others]
Disability protests : contentious politics 1970-1999 / Sharon Barnartt and Richard Scotch
Venus on wheels : two decades of dialogue on disability, biography, and being female in America / Gelya Frank
Handbook of disability studies / edited by Gary L. Albrecht, Katherine D. Seelman, and Michael Bury
Disability protests : contentious politics 1970-1999 / Sharon Barnartt and Richard Scotch
Closing the shop : conversion from sheltered to integrated work / by Stephen T. Murphy and Patricia M. Rogan
Life as we know it : a father, a family, and an exceptional child / Michael Bérubé
Moving violations : war zones, wheelchairs, and declarations of independence / John Hockenberry
My body politic : a memoir / Simi Linton
The disabled God : toward a liberatory theology of disability / Nancy L. Eiesland
Geek love / Katherine Dunn
The hemophiliac's motorcycle : poems, Tom Andrews (Author)
No pity : people with disabilities forging a new civil rights movement / Joseph P. Shapiro
The education of Laura Bridgman : first deaf and blind person to learn language / Ernest Freeberg
Backlash against the ADA : reinterpreting disability rights / edited by Linda Hamilton Krieger
The mask of benevolence : disabling the deaf community / Harlan Lane
Why I burned my book and other essays on disability / Paul K. Longmore
Speaking of sadness : depression, disconnection, and the meanings of illness / David A. Karp
Crippled justice : the history of modern disability policy in the workplace / Ruth O'Brien
Making all the difference : inclusion, exclusion, and American law / Martha Minow
The twilight of common dreams : why America is wracked by culture wars / Todd Gitlin
The not-so-golden years : caregiving, the frail elderly, and the long-term care establishment / Laura Katz Olson
The black stork : eugenics and the death of
A world without words : the social construction of children born deaf and blind / David Goode ; foreword by Irving Kenneth Zola

Resources on Accessibility