Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Arkansas Libraries

This library guide aims to provide diversity resources and services to students, faculty, and library staff.

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Martha Anderson

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Selections on Diversity and Inclusion Across Campus

Educating for citizenship and social justice : practices for community engagement at research universities / Tania D. Mitchell, Krista M. Soria, Editors
Beyond equality in the American classroom : the case for inclusive education / Eric Shyman
Native cultural competency in mainstream schooling :
American multicultural studies : diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality / Sherrow O. Pinder
An introduction to multicultural education / James A. Banks
Antiracist education : from theory to practice / Julie Kailin
The privileged poor : how elite colleges are failing disadvantaged students / Anthony Abraham Jack
Accessing the general curriculum : including students with disabilities in standards-based reform / Victor Nolet, Margaret J. McLaughlin
Creating a culturally inclusive campus : a guide to supporting international students / Barbara J. Hoekje and Scott G. Stevens
Cooperative learning and strategies for inclusion : celebrating diversity in the classroom / edited by JoAnne W. Putnam
Readings for diversity and social justice / edited by Maurianne Adams
Culturally responsive teaching : theory, research, and practice / Geneva Gay
Beyond a dream deferred : multicultural education and the politics of excellence / editors, Becky W. Thompson and Sangeeta Tyagi
Building equity : policies and practices to empower all learners / Dominque Smith, Nancy Frey, Ian Pumpian, Douglas Fisher
Beyond comfort zones in multiculturalism : confronting the politics of privilege / edited by Sandra Jackson and José Solís
Teaching race : how to help students unmask and challenge racism / Stephen D. Brookfield and Associates
Reading resistance : discourses of exclusion in desegregation & inclusion debates / Beth A. Ferri & David J. Connor
Not light, but fire : how to lead meaningful race conversations in the classroom / Matthew R. Kay
Why Aren't We There Yet?: Taking Personal Responsibility for Creating an Inclusive Campus (Higher Education) by Jan Arminio (Editor), Vasti Torres (Editor)
Intersectionality & higher education : research, theory, & praxis / Donald
Urban narratives : portraits in progress, life at the intersections of learning disability, race, & social class / David J. Connor
Multiculturalism on campus : theory, models, and practices for understanding diversity and creating inclusion / edited by Michael J. Cuyjet, Chris Linder, Mary F. Howard-Hamilton and Diane L. Cooper
Safe spaces, brave spaces [electronic resource] : diversity and free expression in education / John Palfrey

Diversity and Inclusion Across Campus

The following offices, centers, and programs offer diversity-related services and events.