Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Arkansas Libraries

This library guide aims to provide diversity resources and services to students, faculty, and library staff.

Selections from the Diversity Collection on Asian American Topics

Trust exercise : a novel, Susan Choi (Author)
The tenth muse : a novel, Catherine Chung (Author)
Aiiieeeee! : An anthology of Asian-American writers, Frank Chin (Author)
Articulate silences, King-Kok Cheung (Author)
The Asian American avant-garde : universalist aspirations in modernist literature and art, Audrey Wu Clark (Author)
Asian American literature, Bella Adams (Author)
Asian North American identities : beyond the hyphen, Eleanor Ty (Author)
Betrayal and other acts of subversion : feminism, sexual politics, Asian American women's literature, Leslie Bow (Author)
Black power, yellow power, and the making of revolutionary identities, Rychetta Watkins (Author)
The children of 1965 : on writing, and not writing, as an Asian American, Min Hyoung Song (Author)
Eating identities : reading food in Asian American literature, Wenying Xu (Author)
Form and transformation in Asian American literature, Zhou Xiaojing (Author)
Ideas of home : literature of Asian migration, Geoffrey Kain (Author)
Inhuman citizenship : traumatic enjoyment and Asian American literature, Juliana Chang (Author)
Everybody was Kung Fu fighting
Samurai among panthers : Richard Aoki on race, resistance, and a paradoxical life / Diane C. Fujino

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