Email Alerts: Keeping Up With Your Field

Current awareness tools and strategies to stay on top of new publications


The ALERTS feature is a service that will notify you weekly of new information in your specific areas of interest.

  1. From the main page, conduct a search.
  2. Cick the "Sign in" link on the blue menu bar and choose "Alerts."
  3. First-time users will need to create a new account; once an account has been created, you may log in. Once you’ve logged in, you may need to click the “Alerts” link again.
  4. Run a search.
  5. Once your search has finished, click the “Create new alert from this search” link, right below the search bar.
  6. Give your alert a name, and click create.
  7. You can modify the details of the alert, as well as how how frequently you receive the alerts, and the format of the emails.
  8. Once you are finished, hit save.
  9. You can edit and delete your alerts from the “Alerts” link.