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Education Librarian

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Laura Cameron
MULN 419

Distinguished Professor & Health Sciences Librarian

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Tony Stankus
Mullins Library Room 223 M

I gladly meet with students & faculty one-on-one throughout the year, and work the Research Assistance Desk in Mullins on Thursday nights as well. To set up an appointment, e-mail me to suggest days & time of day that will work best for you. For distance/online learners, and for on-campus students in distress, I will happily take your call on my personal cell phone 479-409-0021 and walk you through your task. This includes all day and evenings Mon-Sat, Sunday nights & most holidays. I can also email you suggestions in a back & forth manner , to get you "unstuck." Put me to work to keep your coursework, research, and career on track.


Welcome to the landing page for COEHP Students

Use this page to find your librarian or locate research guides in your discipline that will make your research process easier, faster, and more successful.

Research Guides by Department

Quick Tips

No time to check out a research guide? Use these quick tips to get started on your research!

If you get stuck, check out one of the research guides for more in-depth help, or reach out to your subject librarian. (Librarian profiles are linked on this page.)


Start with a good research question

Image showing text on a black background. Text reads: What is a good research question? A good research question does not have a clear simple answer; is free of bias; requires original research or data analysis to answer; advances your knowledge.


Turn your question into keywords

Image with text on black background. Text reads: Turn your question into keywords. Example question: How does inclusion in the regular classroom impact the academic achievement of students with special needs? Example keywords: mainstreaming, inclusion, inclusive education; academic achievement, academic success, grades; special education, autism


Search the right places

  • Check out the Research Guide in your discipline for specific database suggestions, or use QuickSearch on the main Libraries webpage


Select your sources wisely

  • Most instructors require scholarly / academic sources
  • Encyclopedia / reference articles are great for learning background information on a topic
  • Peer-reviewed research articles present original research on a topic and are written by experts in the field
  • Sources on the open web may or may not be credible - handle with them with care!


Ask for help when you need it!

  • Consult a research guide or reach out to a librarian
  • Use the Libraries' 24/7 chat service