StaffGuide: Committees

Welcome to the Home for Library Committees

Here you will find charges, membership, and documents from current library committees.

The archive for past committee documents and disbanded committees can be found in the UA web archive.

Linking to your Minutes and Agendas from Teams

Committee chairs:  tired of creating and posting PDFs of your minutes or agendas?

Why not use your Teams or Box space, instead?

Instructions for Teams

  1. In your Teams Files, create a folder for your publicly-viewable minutes or agendas. This will be usually be in the "General" Team channel and will be reserved for finalized minutes after editing. You can create a separate folder for not-yet-approved minutes that is visible only to Team members.
    Teams Folder in Files for Minutes.
  2. Click the three dots to the right of the folder name and choose "Open in SharePoint."
    Open Teams folder in SharePoint
  3. You may need to authenticate to the SharePoint view on the web. After authentication, you will see a view of our Teams files on the web.
    Click the Share option.
    Share link in SharePoint view of Teams files.
  4. In most case, you only want UARK users to have view permissions. To change this from edit permissions click the option "People at the University of Arkansas can edit..."
    Teams SharePoint, change link options
  5. Set your link options to "People at the University of Arkansas" and uncheck "Allow editing." Then click the "Apply" button.
    SharePoint apply view permissions
  6. After applying your settings, copy the link.
    Sharepoint copy link
  7. You can now insert this link into your committees page.
    Adding a SharePoint link to your committees page

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