StaffGuide: Committees


Faculty Department Heads was superseded by Management Council in January 2021.


The Faculty Department Heads Group is a collaboration primarily responsible for sharing information about and changes to current practices, policies, and procedures in each respective department. Working subgroups will coordinate efforts on projects that cross departmental lines. The Group will plan for and accomplish strategic goals of the service mission of the Libraries, discuss ongoing or routine issues in day-to-day operations, propose solutions to problems, and recommend new policies or programs that will streamline operations and/or better support academic programs. Each member of the Group will regularly report activities of other committees on which he or she serves, including university-wide committees.

The Group will select a coordinator, who will be responsible for scheduling meetings, establishing agendas, distributing minutes, and reporting bi-monthly on the Group’s activities to Libraries’ administration. The coordinator will also report to the Libraries at large through a quarterly strategic forum. The position of coordinator will rotate among members on a schedule determined by the Group.

Administrative Liaison: Dennis Clark


  • Lutishoor Salisbury (chair)
  • Martha Anderson
  • Lori Birrell
  • Dennis Clark
  • Tess Gibson
  • Mary Gilbertson
  • Adriana Gonzalez
  • Melody Herr
  • Phillip J. Jones
  • Beth Juhl
  • Deb Kulczak
  • Angie Ohler
  • Stephanie Pierce
  • Mandi Smith
  • Joel Thornton

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