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The Management Council provides a mechanism for the managers in the University of Arkansas Libraries to address issues important to the library system; to foster active participation by managers in operational planning, policy development, and in overall management of the Libraries; to strengthen communication among managers, Associate/Assistant Deans, and Dean; and, to develop the leadership skills and talents of managers.


The Management Council will have a chair and vice chair. The positions will rotate among divisions with nominations handled across the divisions. Final appointment will be made by the AD for the appropriate division, with Administrative Council’s approval. Both chair and vice chair serve for a term of one year from July to June. After serving their term, the vice chair will assume the role of chair. Appointments will be finalized in March/April of each year. Members of the Administrative Council will not hold a position of chair or vice-chair.

The Chair will 1) convene all meetings, 2) call special meetings of Management Council, if necessary, 3) appoint work groups, and 4) monitor the progress of ongoing projects.The Vice Chair will 1) preside at meetings if the Chair is not available and 2) support the chair in other areas as needed.

If a Management Council member cannot attend a meeting, they may send a representative from their department, when appropriate.   The Management Council member may invite a guest to the meeting, as needed, according to the agenda. The Chair should be notified in advance of the meeting with the name of the designee. Designees may be excused from a meeting, or a portion of a meeting, if sensitive personnel issues are being discussed.

Meetings. Management Council meets monthly, unless cancelled by the Chair, at  9:00 a.m. on the first Wednesday of each month, with the exception of January.   Meeting location, for the foreseeable future will take place in Teams, and will be decided by the Chair in consultation with the members.

Agenda and Notes. The Chair is responsible for sending a call for agenda items, developing the agenda and posting it to the Management Council portion of the intranet at least 48 hours before each meeting. The Executive Assistant to the Dean will be responsible for recording meeting notes and posting them to the intranet. Both the agenda and the notes will be available on the intranet.


  • Dean, Jason Battles
  • Associate / Assistant Deans: Adriana Gonzalez, Melanie Griffin, interim, Marco DeProsperis
  • Executive Assistant to the Dean: Martha Guirl-Phillips
  • Director, Communications: Kelsey Lovewell
  • Director, Development: Rachel Krest
  • Chair, DEI Committee: Martha Anderson (committee vice-chair)     
  • HR Business Partner: Kathy Riggle
  • Director, Information Systems and Technology, Cole Hudson (committee chair)
  • R&L, US: Stephanie Pierce
  • R&L, RI: Ellen Urton
  • R&L, ILL: Tess Gibson
  • R&L, CHBC Library: Luti Salisbury
  • R&L, Fine Arts Library: Phil Jones
  • CDI, Content Services: Deb Kulczak
  • CDI, Library Tech and Infrastructure: Beth Juhl
  • CDI, Digital Engagement: Martha Anderson
  • F&A, Business and Facilities: Deb Cheval
  • Special Collections: Melanie Griffin, Interim Associate Dean
  • Arkansas Folk and Traditional Arts: Virginia Siegel
  • LFC, Chair: Virginia Siegel

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