StaffGuide: Committees


During 2021-2023, the ISC will serve as the coordinating body for Alma / Primo migration.

The committee serves as the governing body for the shared LSP, communicating system updates, issues, and procedures throughout the organization.  The committee makes recommendations concerning:

  • policies and practices
  • new software releases and enhancements
  • new products and integrations with third-party services. 

Members of the committee serve as module coordinators for their respective areas; each module coordinator is responsible for communicating with departments throughout the organization concerning system functions and practices.



Name Representing
Beth Juhl Chair / System Admin
Kariah Brust Crystal Bridges
Sherryl Faulkner-Robinson Fulfillment
Tess Gibson Resource Sharing
Mary Gilbertson Acquisitions
Melanie Griffin Special Collections
Dominick Grillo Law
Phillip J. Jones Branches
Deborah Kulczak Metadata
Mary Leverance Preservation
Michele Reilly Alma Special Projects
Mandi Smith Collection Development
Dennis Stephenson User Services
Michelle Weston Resource Management


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Implementation Group: Content Services

IG Coordinator: Michele Reilly

Responsible for: acquisitions, ERM, metadata, authority control, preservation / binding, holdings

  • Michele Reilly (lead)
  • Deborah Kulczak
  • Mary Gilbertson
  • Dominick Grillo (Law)
  • Lisa Headstream
  • Jae-Eun Jeong
  • Mandi Smith
  • Judy Robinson
  • Colleen Williams (Law)

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Implementation Group: Discovery

IG Coordinator: Beth Juhl

Responsible for: public interface; ingest, display and discoverability of library-created content (IR, digital collections, LibGuides, LibAnswers, Databases A-Z, among others), connectivity of public interface to other systems (ILLiad, citation managers, error reports, external search), usability and accessibility.

  • Beth Juhl (lead)
  • Melanie Griffin
  • Dominick Grillo (Law)
  • Dylan Hurd
  • Mary Leverance
  • Marina Narvaez
  • Necia Parker-Gibson
  • Robin Roggio
  • Luti Salisbury

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Implementation Group: Fulfillment

IG Coordinator: Sherryl Faulkner-Robinson

Responsible for: circulation, requests and holds, patron accounts, notices, course reserves, interoperability between Alma and Caiasoft (LINX) and ILLiad (ILL) 

  • Sherryl Faulkner-Robinson (lead)
  • Jeanne Besaw (Crystal Bridges)
  • Phil Jones
  • Stephanie Pierce
  • Monika Szakasits (Law)
  • Kat Williams
  • Chas Wright
  • Terry Wynn

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Implementation Group: SysAdmin and Analytics

Responsible for: authentication, campus system integrations, staff accounts and permissions, privacy and data retention policies, reporting configuration

Membership: the three IG coordinators plus other members as specific projects arise

  • Beth Juhl (lead)    
  • Sherryl Faulkner-Robinson
  • Michele Reilly       
  • Mandi Smith (as needed)
  • Debra Cheval (as needed)
  • Renee Rogers (as needed)                  
  • Lora Lennertz  (as needed)
  • Trent Garner (as needed)