StaffGuide: Committees


During 2021-2022, the ISC will serve as the coordinating body for Alma / Primo migration.

The committee will make recommendations concerning:

  • policies and practices
  • new software releases and enhancements
  • new products

Members of the committee serve as module coordinators for their respective areas; each module coordinator is responsible for communicating with departments throughout the organization concerning system functions and practices.

Administrative Liaison: Angie Ohler


  • Beth Juhl (chair)
  • Jeanne Besaw
  • Sherryl Faulkner-Robinson
  • Mary Gilbertson
  • Melanie Griffin
  • Dominick Grillo
  • Phillip J. Jones
  • Deb Kulczak
  • Lora Lennertz
  • Mary Leverance
  • Stephanie Pierce
  • Michele Reilly
  • Mandi Smith

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Implementation Group: Content Services

IG Coordinator: Michele Reilly

Responsible for: acquisitions, ERM, metadata, authority control, preservation / binding, holdings

  • Michele Reilly (lead)
  • Deborah Kulczak
  • Mary Gilbertson
  • Dominick Grillo (Law)
  • Lisa Headstream
  • Jae-Eun Jeong
  • Mandi Smith
  • Judy Robinson
  • Colleen Williams (Law)

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Implementation Group: Discovery

IG Coordinator: Beth Juhl

Responsible for: public interface; ingest, display and discoverability of library-created content (IR, digital collections, LibGuides, LibAnswers, Databases A-Z, among others), connectivity of public interface to other systems (ILLiad, citation managers, error reports, external search), usability and accessibility.

  • Beth Juhl (lead)
  • Melanie Griffin
  • Dominick Grillo (Law)
  • Dylan Hurd
  • Mary Leverance
  • Necia Parker-Gibson
  • Robin Roggio
  • Luti Salisbury
  • Sarah Spiegel

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Implementation Group: Fulfillment

IG Coordinator: Sherryl Faulkner-Robinson

Responsible for: circulation, requests and holds, patron accounts, notices, course reserves, interoperability between Alma and Caiasoft (LINX) and ILLiad (ILL) 

  • Sherryl Faulkner-Robinson (lead)
  • Jeanne Besaw (Crystal Bridges)
  • Phil Jones
  • Stephanie Pierce
  • Steven Probst (Law)
  • Kat Williams
  • Chas Wright
  • Terry Wynn

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Implementation Group: SysAdmin and Analytics

Responsible for: authentication, campus system integrations, staff accounts and permissions, privacy and data retention policies, reporting configuration

Membership: the three IG coordinators plus other members as specific projects arise

  • Beth Juhl (lead)    
  • Sherryl Faulkner-Robinson
  • Michele Reilly       
  • Mandi Smith (as needed)
  • Debra Cheval (as needed)
  • Renee Rogers (as needed)                  
  • Lora Lennertz  (as needed)
  • Trent Garner (as needed)