StaffGuide: Committees


The Faculty Concerns Committee (FCC) is a fact-finding and deliberative body that addresses policy, procedural, or operational questions that concern library faculty members individually or as a unit. The committee may receive and act on recommendations on issues of concern from faculty members or from the library administration, or may itself initiate action.

FCC provides information and/or clarification, and develops procedures that will enable the library faculty to comply with university guidelines and to arrive at solutions to problems. Recommendations and proposals of the FCC are presented to the library faculty for its consideration, modification, and eventual approval or rejection.

Actions of the FCC are designed to:

  • Foster communication between the library administration and the library faculty
  • Review University policies and procedures governing faculty and revise library documents accordingly
  • Facilitate discussion of organizational and operational concerns

The committee works with the Libraries’ Human Resource Office (LHRO) which oversees the implementation of university policies and procedures as applicable to the library faculty and which facilitates necessary revisions.

The committee works with Staff Concerns Council on library-wide issues.


  • Mary Gilbertson (chair)
  • Amy Allen
  • Drew Beisswenger
  • Phillip J. Jones
  • Jay McAllister

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