StaffGuide: Committees


"The Unit Peer Review Committee (I.B.1) consists of seven members, including at least four tenured members. The Dean and Associate or Assistant Deans will not serve on or be reviewed by the committee. Department Heads (i.e., non-administrative faculty members) who supervise faculty members will be eligible to serve on the committee but must recuse themselves when faculty members whom they supervise are reviewed. All Department Heads will be reviewed by the committee. The Unit Peer Review Committee will be elected in accordance with III.C.2.i of APS 1405.11."

--from Faculty Personnel Document Draft September 2020



  • Mandi Smith (July 2021 - June 2023)
  • Tony Stankus (July 2021 - June 2023)
  • Melody Herr (July 2021 - June 2023)
  • Lora Lennertz (July 2022 - June 2024)
  • Jay McAllister (July 2022 - June 2024)
  • Michele Reilly (July 2022 - June 2024)
  • Joshua Youngblood (July 2022 - June 2024)

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