StaffGuide: Committees


The Library Faculty Council (LFC) is the governing body of the library faculty, and is responsible for coordinating the library governance system and promoting a respectful and inclusive environment so that all members of the library faculty are informed about issues that are important to their role in the community.



Amy Allen- Special Collections Representative  (2022-2024) and Chair (2023-2024)

Norma Johnson- Non-tenure-track Member at Large (2023-2025)

Jay McAllister- Research & Learning Representative  (2023-2024)

Katharine Chandler- Tenure-track Member at Large  (2023-2025)

Ellen Urton- Tenured Member at Large (completing term 2022-2024)

Deb Kulczak- Content & Digital Initiatives Representative (2023-2025)

Virginia Siegel (Ex-Officio, Faculty Senate member)

Documents and Minutes

Past Committees


Member Role
Laura Cameron Research and Learning representative; Chair
Virginia Siegel

Non-tenure-track member-at-large; Vice-chair/Chair-elect

Kara Flynn

Special Collections representative; Secretary

Adriana Gonzalez Tenured member-at-large
Martha Anderson Content and Digital Initiatives representative
Alyssa Willis

Tenure-track member-at-large (July-Dec. 2021)

Katrina Windon Tenure-track member-at-large (beginning Jan. 2022)
Joshua Youngblood

Ex Officio, Faculty Senate member



Member Role
Virginia Siegel Non-tenure-track member-at-large; Chair
Amy Allen Special Collections representative; Vice-chair/Chair-elect
Katrina Windon Tenure-track member-at-large; Secretary
Tess Gibson Tenured member-at-large
Martha Anderson Content and Digital Initiatives representative
Joshua Youngblood Ex Oficio, Faculty Senate member
Marina Narvaez Research and Learning representative (July 2022-May 2023)