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Adding Pages

  • Click the empty grey tab with the + sign on the bottom of the left navigation menu.

    new page tab
  • Select Create New Page or Reuse Existing Page
  • Enter a title for the page.
    • Tip: Keep titles short
  • Leave as Top Level unless you want to make the page a sub-tab of another page. (See Adding Sub-Tabs below.)
  • Chose to display your Profile Box or someone else's. Leave the choice at "nothing" if you do not want a Profile box displayed.
  • If you are working on an already-published guide you can suppress the page while it is in Draft Mode. Only owners and editors may see it while it is in Draft Mode.
  • Click Save.


Copying a Page

To copy an entire page from another guide, click on the Grey + tab and select Reuse Existing Page.

Select the guide and page you want to copy. Be sure to proofread this copied page for links and text that are no longer appropriate.

External Links

You can link to an external web site as if it were a tab in your guide. To do so:

  1. Add a page.
  2. On the grey menu bar Page Settings (gear) select Redirect URL.
  3. Input the URL for the page you would like to link to.
  4. Click Save.


Adding Sub-Pages

Sub-pages appear as an indented list under a parent page.

Creating a sub-page:

  • Click on the grey + tab to add a page.
  • Under Position - Add as, choose the parent page for this new sub-page.

Rearranging Pages

To change the order of pages:

  • On the grey menu bar Page Settings (gear) select Reorder/ Move > Pages.
  • Drag and drop pages to their new locations.
  • Place a page inside a parent page if you wish to make it a sub-page.

Renaming Pages

To rename a page:

  1. On the grey menu bar Page Settings (gear) select Title / Description.
  2. Change the name and Save.

Suppressing Pages

You can suppress a page from public display while it is not ready for prime time. To do so:

  1. On the grey menu bar Page Settings (gear) select Visibility
  2. Click the checkbox for "Do not show on public guide"

Don't forget to uncheck the box when you are ready for the public to see your page.