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Media / Widgets

Media or Widget content blocks can contain an embed code for a video or other media, as well as scripts. In most cases, the code will contain an OBJECT, EMBED or SCRIPT tag.

Just as with links, images, or other assets, you can Add a new Media / Widget or reuse one that already exists on the system.

Media / Widget Dialog Box

Want your media embed to be centered in the container box? You can open the Source editor and insert div tags around the embed code - example:

<div align="center">

<embed blah blah blah....>


Where to get Embed Codes

1. In YouTube, Vimeo, and on other sites, look for a an option to Share and Embed.

Share button on Vimeo

2. Copy the embed code and paste it into the Research Guides Media / Widget box.

Embed code on Vimeo

3. Both YouTube and Vimeo offer options for preview size, the ability to view full screen, colors, and other preferences. Unfortunately, even the smallest size video from YouTube won't necessarily squash all the way down for phone viewing.

4. Add a name, and viola, you are done!