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Guidance and tips for creating and maintaining your content

About Boxes

Boxes are the basic content containers for LibGuides.

A page can have multiple boxes, and boxes can be contain multiple blocks of content.


Here is Anna Burke's diagram of the relationship between guides, pages, boxes, and content:

LinGuides Structure



How to Add Boxes

  1. Click the link at the button of the left or main column, "Add Box." 
  2. Choose to Create a New Box or Reuse an Existing Box.
    If Reusing a box:
    1. Select the Guide and box you wish to reuse.
    2. Decide if you want to Map the box (default) or make a Copy.
      • Mapped boxes are maintained in one place by one author. Any changes propagate out to all the mapped boxes on the system.
      • Copies are maintained by the guide owner. If they need to be updated, the guide owner is responsible.

        Best PracticeBest Practice: whenever possible, map your boxes for ease of upkeep. You may even wish to create a behind-the-scenes template guide (example: "Beth's Boxes") where you store the originals of all your heavily used boxes. Less muss and fuss!
    3. If you are creating a new box, select a type.
      Most often, this will be "standard" but see below for other types.
    4. Give your box a name and save it.

Moving Boxes


  • On the Page menu , choose reorder... Boxes. 
  • Drag and drop the boxes to a different order or to a different page.

Linking to Boxes

You can grab direct box links and embed codes by clicking on the edit icon (pencil) on the top right of any box when in edit mode. Then, choose the tab for Box Link and Widget Code.

The syntax for box links is:[guide ID]&p=[Page ID]#s-lg-box-[box ID]