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Text Editor

The Research Guides 2.0 Text Editor

The text editor in LibGuides.


The styles button has some predefined options you might use--a typewriter font to show computer code,  inline quotation, and others.


LibGuides Text Editor styles options

Paragraph Styles

Here you will find H3, H4, and other headers.

LibGuides Paragraph Styles

Font Options

Use changes in font styles, colors, and sizes with care:

  • Don't add font styles unless you absolutely need them. The site stylesheet takes care of the basic font settings.
  • If copying and pasting from Word, use the special tool to strip Word formatting commands.
  • Use H3, H4, H5, etc as the best method to show document subheadings in bold or larger type.
  • Don't use color to denote emphasis. Screen reading software or those who have color blindness will not catch the emphasis.


Use these commands to copy and paste or to paste Word-formatted or unformatted text.

These buttons also contain the all important Undo command.

Text Styles

Use these commands to align or indent  text blocks, to create lists, or block quotes.

Text Formatting Options

Links and Anchors

Add or remove hyperlinks or place an anchor in a document that can be linked to.

Link Buttons


These commands allow you to insert an image, a table, a horizontal line, or a special character.

More detail about images on the Working with Images Page.


You can turn toggle this on to check while you type. The check as you type only stays "on" while you are activiely editing that content block. You can also use the spellcheck tool to review the entire content block after you have finished working.

Spellcheck button

Full Screen

Use this tool for more screen real estate. Toggle off to go back to normal view.

Source Code

This is the replacement for the "Plain Text" button in v. 1. What is nice is that you can toggle back and forth without having first to save your work.

Use Source for pasting HTML code and scripts.