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Guidance and tips for creating and maintaining your content

Reviewing Your Guide

To see what your guide will look like when published, click on Preview on the yellow command bar at the top of the page. The preview page will open in a new window.

Star icon: best practiceBest practice: Use this checklist to review your guide before publishing.

  • Check your guide in multiple browsers.
  • Check links
  • Check that all search boxes work and are proxied.
  • Check that images display correctly in all screen sizes.
  • Check that all images have an alt tag.
  • Check spelling with the spellcheck tool in the text editor.

  • Read your guide.
    • Will it make sense to novice users?
    • Is the terminology consistent with other guides and web pages? 
    • Are the page names easy to understand and navigate?
    • Is the most important information on each page at the top center?

Getting Feedback

When you are ready for others to review your guide:

  • Change the status from Unpublished to Private.
    • Click on Guide Settings on the command bar,
    • Select Change Guide Information.
    • Select Private from the status drop-down menu.
    • Click on Save.
  • Friendly URLs
    If you wish, you can give your guide a "friendly URL" at this point. Friendly URLs are abbreviated handles that make a memorable link for users. Example formats might be course name and number, short name, database name, etc. Avoid underscores and other punctuation in friendly URLs.
  • Send a request for feedback, with the URL, to your colleagues.