StaffGuide: LibApps Guide

Guidance and tips for creating and maintaining your content

Link Titles

  • Make sure linked text makes sense out of context. Avoid using phrases such as "click here," "more," "click for details."
  • Make sure link and database assets display their description below the link. Don't hide the description behind a hover-over button as this breaks accessibility.
  • Break up long lists of items into logical groups so that it can be skipped by screen readers.
  • Don't use the same label for different link destinations on the same page.

Use Link Assets, not In-Text Links

When you can, avoid in-text links.

  • Your guide will be easier to scan if links are in lists, rather than embedded in the text.
  • This will help sighted users, too!
  • This will also help you maintain your guides when links need ot be updated (the link checker cannot check links in text blocks).


Thanks to the University of Illinois Library Office of Information Literacy for permission to re-use elements of their guide, "Getting Started with LibGuides."