StaffGuide: LibApps Guide

Guidance and tips for creating and maintaining your content

Book from the Catalog

1. As with other assets, you can add a new book or reuse one already on the system.

Book from the Catalog Dialog Box

2. To add a new book, simply type or paste in a 12- or 10-digit ISBN and click Get Book Info. (10-digit ISBNs are required to find Amazon content. )

If the system has metadata for your book, it will appear.

No metadata? You can still type that in manually and either link to a book jacket or use a default blue cover.

Retrieved Book Metadata

3. If you are listing a print book it is good practice to add the local call number for the students, including the branch location.

4. You may overwrite the description field with your own pointers and choose to display the description as a pop-up or under the book citation.

5. Clicking Enhanced Bowker Content will allow you to add publisher information and LC subject terms.

6. Click save and you are done. You can always go back and edit any fields.