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Guidance and tips for creating and maintaining your content

Linking Guidelines

star icon - best practiceBest practice: use these linking guidelines to ensure easy maintenance and off-campus access.

See also our public Permalinks page.

Please make sure to Athenize your link before sending it out. The OpenAthens link will guarantee access for future use.

Linking Recommendations

Library Databases

Please use the Databases content type to make a link to a database.   You can change the description to customize it for your guide.

Don't see your database? Ask Web Services to create one.

Individual OneSearch Records

Use the permalink on the full record, e.g.,
Click on the Permalink tool to get a direct link to a record.

OneSearch Searches

You can copy and paste the URL in the browser bar or use the link icon in the uppor right to get a permalink to a search. 

WorldCat Records

Use the Permalink from the record, e.g.,

Be sure and run links through the Athenizer.

Google Books

Use the About this Book link, e.g.,

Searches in Library Databases

Ebsco and ProQuest offer the ability oto save a search strategy link. This function is not available in all databases.


Use the permalinks in OneSearch records.

Individual Articles or Chapters

Use the Athenized DOI, e.g..  or create a permalink.

Another Research Guide or Research Guide Page

Copy the URL in your browser to link to another LilbGuide or other page within your Research Guide

Guide:[guide ID]


Page:[guide ID]&p=[Page ID]

or[Page ID]


Research Guides Profile Page

Unfortunately these still do not have a "friendly" URL but the pattern is:

You can find profile pages by browsing guides by author.

Research Guides Box

Click on the pencil icon on the box header to see the box link and embed code. Box links use this syntax:[guide ID]&p=[Page ID]#s-lg-box-[box ID]



Athenize that URL

OpenAthens won't work for every URL. After all, the Libraries don't subscribe to every electronic resource out there. So be sure to test your URL before sharing it with students and colleagues.

Make a Shorter Link

Link Checker Tool

The system-wide Link checker is under Tools on the orange menu bar.

The link checker will check only link content types; it will not check Links in Rich Text / HTML content blocks.

 You can use a browser plugin like Link Analyzer for Firefox  to check all the links on a page.

The link checker runs every weekend. Occasionally, you will get a false report of a broken link. This happens when the link checker cannot access the resource (e.g. it goes through authentication) or when the link site has extra security turned on.