StaffGuide: Cataloging and Acquisitions

LINX Procedures

Processing procedures for the main collection and LINX storage annex are still under development. For now, check here for the latest decisions.

 "Lynx and Telescopium Herschilii", plate 8 in Urania's Mirror, Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs

Adding New Materials to the Collection

Here are the default locations for new materials added to the main collection:

  • Purchased materials go to main unless designated for storage.
    • Exception: All materials classed in "Z" go to storage.
    • Note that books and other materials classed in "M" (M, ML, MT) go to "md."
  • Gifts go to storage unless designated for main (per Joel).

Subject selectors will make this determination when they order new materials or accept gifts. Materials should be flagged if they are not going to the default location.

  • Replacements for materials that were in storage should return to storage unless otherwise designated.
    • Acquisitions will put the destination location in the order record, and they will also add a note to flag items that shouldn't return to storage.
    • All replacements involving LINX—whether returning there or going elsewhere—must be updated in Caiasoft. Place them on Isaac's desk in User Services.


Monograph Item Records for LINX

When creating or editing an item record for monograph materials in storage:

  • The default location is "storm."
  • ICODE1 should be "0" for new item records. Existing records may have "2021" (for volumes that are to be moved back to Mullins after the renovation).
  • Assign a status of “t” for “In Transit.”
  • Assign a Sticky Status of “5” for “Request this Item.” Sticky Status was implemented to allow the status code for materials in storage to revert automatically to “5” when they’re checked in as part of circulation. Without the sticky status code, they would instead change to “-  Available,” which is the default needed for main.



Binding for LINX


  • The default for gift serials going to storage is that they don’t need to be bound, provided the pieces can stand on their own. Serials staff should use their judgment but can ask Preservation if they want an opinion.

Delivery to Storage

Place materials that are processed directly for LINX on the shelves labeled “Materials for Storage" (the unit on the corner between Deb and Beth's offices). These are directly above the two “Clean-Up” shelves.

If you have a whole truck, there is no need to unload it. Place it front of the column to the left of the designated shelves. There's only room for one truck at a time, so if you have more, let Kathleen or Matthew know.

Trucks for Storage Location



Microfilms in the Main Collection

MicrofilmsThe following microfilms are housed in Multimedia Services (location "mfilm"):

  • "Film number" call numbers (e.g., Film 839)
  • LC class F
  • LC class E 185

Everything else should be housed in LINX:

  • All other LC classes
  • Film numbers reclassed to numbers other than F or E 185

For LINX microfilms:

  • location is "storc"
  • status is "5"
  • sticky status is "5"