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OCLC Connexion Client Download Instructions



Check the control panel for old versions. If an old version is found remove the old program using the 'uninstall a program' function before downloading the new version. Macros should remain if you are just upgrading. If you have a new computer and have a lot of macros, there are instructions on the OCLC website about where those macros are stored. <remind systems staff of your macros>

Download the Client from the OCLC website.

Trying to download the software to the server and loading it from there historically has not worked correctly. The programs seems to install, but does not work. You may use any OCLC authorization to download the software.

Open the client. Check to make sure the Authorizations and Export are set up under Tools>Options. Most people know their authorization number. Export options should be set up as an OCLC Gateway export. Create a new path, and choose OCLC Gateway export.

  • Host name is
  • Port = 5500
  • Check the box - Notify host before disconnect
  • Timeout = 10, Retries = 0, Delay = 20.
  • Click on Record Characteristics on this same export tab and change both character set codes to UTF-8.

Record characteristics


Then: Click on Tools>Options>RDA

Check those that apply to you:

  • Use RDA workforms when creating new bibliographic records
  • Use RDA workforms when creating new authority records


Enable the RDA toolkit: Use IP authentication

Enable the RDA Toolkit using IP authentication

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