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OCLC Connexion Browser Set Up Instructions



Login at:

If you do not remember your login contact Mary Gilbertson (

You will need to set up your Export Preferences.

            Click the General Tab > Then click on Admin Options  > Preferences > Export Options

            Change these settings:

            Click the bullet for MARC

            Export to a TCP/IP Connection

            Host Name =

            Port = 5500

            Check the box ‐ Notify host before disconnect

            Timeout=10, Retries=0, Delay=20

            Screenshots of the export preferences are listed at the end of this document.

Click on Save my default

To export click on the Action menu and then click Export Record in MARC

Export record option from action menu in OCLC

There are some keystrokes available for those who prefer not to use the mouse.  A list of those can be found on the OCLC website.

Follow the link below and select "Set options and customize keyboard shortcuts."

Settings for export options in OCLC preferencesSettings for export options in OCLC preferences

Settings for export options in OCLC preferences

mag 3/18/2020