StaffGuide: Cataloging and Acquisitions


Review of Non-LC-Classed Microfilms

Technical Services and User Services are completing a project to identify and catalog microfilms with accession number call numbers (e.g., Film 44) that aren’t yet in Sierra. However, because cataloging them would represent a significant commitment of Technical Services’ resources, the issue was referred to the selectors for discussion at their meeting on September 4, 2019.

The outcome was that the selectors agreed to review the monographs for retention decisions. (Serials will be retained automatically.)   The following are the procedures:

  1. There is no target number for withdrawing; rather, the goal is simply to ensure that effort is being directed toward materials that are deemed valuable.

  1. A review truck will be placed outside Rachel’s door on the first of the month. UPDATE: There will now be photographs of the carts on this guide to facilitate remote review. All carts and their items are posted. Please review as soon as possible.

  1. The User Services card sets will be placed in the box for each title to aid in the review. These have accession numbers, so unfortunately there’s no way to let selectors know which subject areas might be present on any particular month’s cart. Therefore, each subject specialist will need to review the material each month.

  1. If a large set is involved, usually just the first box will be placed on the cart. However, the additional reels will be located on the shelves outside Rachel’s door in case selectors wish to look at them. (This will also help keep them together for subsequent processing).

  1. If a title is to be retained, a pink dot should be placed on title/call number label (or box panel if handwritten). Please don’t place it on the card, as that could become separated. If there are multiple boxes for a film number, only one needs to be dotted. If you are unable to place a pink dot in person, please contact Rachel Herbaugh (, and she will place one for you.

  1. Please complete review by the end of January 2022.

  1. Microfilms that are not selected for retention will be withdrawn at the end of the review period (similar to the newly enacted book replacement procedures).

Cart 3 (U.S. National Archives + Misc. Arkansas)

Cart 4 (Misc.)

Cart 5 (Misc.)