StaffGuide: Cataloging and Acquisitions

Check List for Loading Record Sets



1. Is the record set for the correct format? Electronic or print or microform?

Check the 006 field and subfield h in the 245 field. See the procedure “Cataloging Internet Monographs”  for more information.


2. If a location code other than “main” is needed, edit the 049 field to the correct

OCLC 4 letter code. For example, for “internet”, change AFUA to AFUT. Some selectors do desire call numbers for Internet records. Notations are made in record log in the cataloging folder on Giovanni.


3. Does the record set have an 050 or 090 field? Call numbers are used in OneSearch

for collection development evaluations.


4. Set up a local “series” in a 830 0 field. Add a series statement for the electronic package, if applicable, in field 830. (As these are locally-created headings, do not give as a 490 1/830 pair.) For example:


830 0 Wiley InterScience electronic books




5. If appropriate add a 506.

506 Electronic access limited to current UAF students, faculty, and staff.

This field is usually added when the set is purchased and not free.


506 Electronic access limited to current UAF students, faculty, and staff


6. Add the local 655 field as appropriate: (See Genre Procedures)

655 0 Electronic books


7. If appropriate, add a 710 field for the electronic vendor. For example,

710 2 BioOne (Organization)

BioOne is the organization responsible for publishing a group of electronic journals.


8. Use the 949 field to create an item record. An item record is required for

OneSearch to display a status box with the location.


9. Is the set from a vendor? Bcode3 should have code “v” for vendor. This is to let

us know that the records were not cataloged individually. This field can be added

with the 999 field and subfield f.


10. If the set has been purchased and has an 856 field, it will be necessary to use

global update (or MARCEDIT) to edit that URL to our local proxy URL. If the 856

needs a proxy remember to add the 506.


11. There is a "DO NOT OVERLAY" load table available if you are afraid records will be overlaid that are not

intended for overlay.


12. Let Database maintenance staff know to clear the headings report for large record sets. The report does not work well with over 5000 records.


13. Enter the starting and ending bib numbers in the spreadsheet in the Cataloging Folder on Alexandria.



Those fields listed in bold have been added.

=049 \\$aAFUT

=050 \4$aPN6161$b.L63

=100 1\$aLocke, David Ross,$d1833-1888.

=245 10$aEkkoes from Kentucky$h[electronic resource]/$cby Petroleum V. Nasby

[pseud.] ... Bein a perfect record uv the ups, downs, and experiences uv the dimocrisy,

doorin the eventful year 1867, ez seen by a naturalized Kentuckian. Illustrated by

Thomas Nast.

=260 \\$aBoston :$bLee and Shepard,$c1868.

=300 \\$a324 p. :$bfront., plates. ;$c19 cm.

=506 \\$aElectronic access limited to current UAF students, faculty, and staff

=510 4\$aWright, L. H. Amer. fiction, 1851-1875,$c1568

=510 4\$aAmer. fiction, 1774-1910 (microfilm, 1970-1978 ed.),$cv. 2 (1851-1875), reel

L-10, no. 1568

=530 \\$aIssued also in print and on microfilm.

=533 \\$aElectronic reproduction.$b[Bloomington, Ind.] :$cIndiana University Digital

Library Program for the Committee on Institutional Cooperation, $d[2001 or

2002.]$f(Wright American fiction, 1851-1875).$nDigitized image of the microfilm

version produced in Woodbridge, CT by Research Publications (later called Primary

Source Microfilm).$nMode of access: Internet.

=610 20$aDemocratic Party (U.S.)

=651 \0$aUnited States$xPolitics and government$y1865-1869

=655 \0$aElectronic books

=700 1\$aNast, Thomas,$d1840-1902.$eillus.

=710 2\$aIndiana University.$bDigital Library Program.

=710 2\$aCommittee on Institutional Cooperation.

=776 1\$cMicrofilm$w(OCoLC)2200483

=830 \0$aWright American Fiction online books

=856 40$u

=949 \1$g1$linter$sj$r-$t43

=999 \\$fv


revised 12/15 mag