StaffGuide: CONTENTdm Cookbook

Recipes for Metadata Entry for the University of Arkansas Libraries


Field Name: Keywords
Requirement: Optional (Optional if Subject used, required when no Subject element)
Repeatable: No
Search: Yes
Hide: No
Vocabulary: Yes  (locally-developed)
Dublin Core (DC) Mapping: dc.subject
MARC Mapping: 653
CONTENTdm Data Type: Text
Dublin Core Definition: The topic of the resource. Typically, the subject will be represented using keywords, key phrases, or classification codes. Recommended best practice is to use a controlled vocabulary. To describe the spatial or temporal topic of the resource, use the Coverage element, that is, Location or Time Period.
UA Definition: Words or phrases representing the topic or form of the resource drawn from a local vocabulary.

The Keywords element may be used with or in place of the Subjects element and can include topical terms, geographic terms, and the names of people or organizations. Terms will be developed by Special Collections and other units and researchers working on a particular digital project, and a project list will be maintained.  

Whenever possible, the names of people, organizations, and places will match the form established in the Library of Congress Name Authority file (LCNAF). The linked data version is available at (The approved term is always the one that is bold or hyperlinked).

To provide consistency, use only terms from the controlled list in the Keywords field. Enter terms exactly as they appear on the list with regard to capitalization, punctuation, spacing, etc. Names of people are recorded in the form: Last name, First name, Middle name/initial, and Year of birth and/or death if known, separated by a hyphen. Organization names will be given in direct order.

Enter multiple keyword terms in the same field separated with a semicolon space. Enter in order of their importance, or if preferred within a given collection, in alphabetical order. When both the Subjects and Keywords elements are used in a collection, generally do not replicate in Keywords the terms assigned as Subjects.




Dean, Jason W.

Clinton, Bill, 1946-

Washington County Historical Society (Ark.)

Agriculture; Architecture; Genealogy

Revision Date: 11/21/19