StaffGuide: CONTENTdm Cookbook

Recipes for Metadata Entry for the University of Arkansas Libraries

Original Publisher

Field Name: Original Publisher
Requirement: Mandatory, if applicable
Repeatable: No
Search: No
Hide: No
Vocabulary: No
Dublin Core (DC) Mapping: dc.source
MARC Mapping: 786 [08] $n OR 773 [0 ] $n or $t (for a resource extracted from another resource); 533 $b $c $d (for resources that reproduce entirely another resource)
CONTENTdm Data Type: Text
Dublin Core Definition: A related resource from which the described resource is derived. The described resource may be derived from the related resource in whole or in part. Recommended best practice is to identify the related resource by means of a string conforming to a formal identification system.
UA Definition: The original publication the resource reproduces or from whence the resource was taken.

For resources that reproduce only part of a publication (such as a book chapter or journal article), enter all readily-available bibliographic information for the source publication. Follow the format given in the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed. (or current), but omit italics where specified.

For items that are digital reproductions of an entire resource (such as a book), record the original place of publication, publisher, and date according to the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed. (or current), omitting italics where specified. For the entity’s name, use the nomenclature as it appears on the item, including capitalization, punctuation, spacing, and abbreviations. However, if there are multiple items by the same publisher, choose a nomenclature that will be used consistently within the collection (preferably the fullest form of name found).

Arnold, Morris S. "The Arkansas Colonial Legal System, 1686-1766." UALR Law Journal 6 (1983): 391-423 [full bibliographic details known]

Arkansas Gazette [only the name of the publication known]

Blacksburg, Va.: McDonald & Woodward Pub. Co., 1995

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