StaffGuide: CONTENTdm Cookbook

Recipes for Metadata Entry for the University of Arkansas Libraries

Text Documents Quick Guide

Field Name Required Description of Field Example(s)
Title X Transcribe the title as it appears on the resource. If no title is available, create a title specific enough to identify the document even if the document is removed from the digital collection.

George Fisher's letter to Rosemary Fisher

Alternate Title Can be used for an expanded title if the original title is unclear or for a subtitle or alternate title. Beekeeping in Arkansas
Creator(s) X (if available) The individual author, if known, should be considered the creator. List names as "Last name, First name" and use LCNAF if possible. Compton, Neil, 1912-
Contributor(s) X (if available) If a group rather than an individual is responsible for the document, record group or list of names in Contributor. Publishing house should be given in the Contributor and/or Description fields.

University of Arkansas Press

Random House

Black Americans for Democracy

Date Record the date on the text document in textual format. Record as much of the date as is known. Precede circa dates with "ca." If no date is available, leave field blank; do not enter "no date" or "unknown."

ca. 1957

June 5, 1975

Date (YYYY‐MM‐DD) X (if available) Date on the text document formatted in W3CDTF profile of ISO 8601 (YYYY‐MM‐DD). Use as much of date as is known; if date is unknown, leave blank.



Description X A free text account of the content of the text document. Include notes written on the document with the page designation if applicable. Letter describing daily life during military training. Doodle of a bird in bottom left corner of the third page.
Notes   Use this field to record outside context about the text document not appropriate for the Description or to establish relationships to other items. While serving in the Army in Europe during World War II, George Fisher kept a diary in which he described his daily activities through cartoons.
Time Period   May record a named time period (use LCSH or AAT terms) or a decade. If recording a decade, use form "1971‐1980" (not "1970‐1979").


Nineteen twenties
Location   May record the geographic location where the document was written or published. Use terms from a published vocabulary (consult with Cataloging).

Fayetteville (Ark.)

Subjects Work with catalogers to define a list of terms from a published vocabulary, such as LCSH. Subjects are recommended. Buffalo National River (Ark.)‐‐Management
Keywords Keywords are required if Subjects are not used. A local vocabulary should be established for each project (consult with Cataloging). Ozark Society
Type (AAT) Use terms drawn from the Art and Architecture Thesaurus.


electronic mail

Medium Physical details of the original resource other than size or duration that are deemed important. Should normally be used in conjunction with the Type (AAT) element. Pencil; Onion skin paper
Extent Record the dimensions of the document in format "height x width." If document is a standard size, use standard notation: 8 1/2 x 11, 8 1/2 x 14, 11 x 17 followed by "inches." Include number of pages if applicable.

8 1/2 x 11 inches

11 x 17 inches

8 1/2 x 14 inches

20 pages

Source If the document has been previously published, record information on original source it was published in. Can include just name of publication or full citation in Chicago style. Arkansas Times
Linked Resource X (if available) Any time the photograph being digitized belongs to a collection with corresponding online finding aid, provide a link to the finding aid. Additionally, provide a link for other online resources as applicable.
Relation A related resource such as related titles, different versions of the same resource,
names of software needed to use the resource.
Hutcheson, Gilbert. Supplement to the first edition of the Treatise on the offices of justice of the peace. Edinburgh : Printed for W. Creech, 1808.
Language Note language spelled out (do not use abbreviation). English
Language Code X (if applicable) Language of the text using the appropriate three letter code. eng
Transcript X The full text of the resource. Coll. by Mary Jo Davis For M. C. Parler Reel 190 Item 16 Sung by Ralph Alexander DeValls Bluff, Arkansas June 9, 1954 About A Goat I bought a goat, his name was Jill, I bought him for his precious fleece, That goat got out, 'bout half past nine, And ate a red shirt right off the line. I was deterned, that goat should die, To the railraod track, I him did tie, But he coughed and he coughed, with might and main, Coughed up that red shirt and flagged a train.
Type X Always use Text. Text
Digital Format X File format of the digital object. Common examples for text documents: application/pdf, text/css, text/csv, text/plain, text/html, text/rtf, text/xml.




Digital Publisher X Always use phrase in example. University of Arkansas Libraries, Fayetteville
Original Collection X (if available) The name of the original collection to which the digitized photograph belongs. Alfred E. Smith Papers: Letters and Papers, 1920-1984
Item Location X Enter collection information needed to locate physical photograph.

Broadside Collection B4‐634

J.W. Fulbright Papers (MS F956 144, Series 72, Box 1, File 7)

Rights and Reproductions X Always use phrase in example. Standard Federal Copyright Laws Apply (U.S. Title 17). It is the responsibility of the user to determine the rights status and secure permissions for the use of this item.
Digital Exhibit X Title of the digital project. A Calm Voice in a Strident World: Senator J.W. Fulbright Speaks
Identifier X File name. This will be entered automatically during ingestion; see worksheet for instructions.



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