StaffGuide: CONTENTdm Cookbook

Recipes for Metadata Entry for the University of Arkansas Libraries

Language Code

Field Name: Language Code
Requirement: Mandatory, if applicable (that is, if the item contains text)
Repeatable: No
Search: Yes
Hide: No
Vocabulary: Yes  (See below)
Dublin Core (DC) Mapping: dc.language
MARC Mapping: 041 [0 ] $a; 008/35-37
CONTENTdm Data Type: Text
Dublin Core Definition: A language of the resource.
UA Definition: The language of the item if the item contains text.

If the item contains text, record the language(s) by assigning the appropriate three-letter code(s) from the MARC Code List for Languages, Code Sequence controlled vocabulary list ( Enter one code for each language, including English.

Enter multiple language codes in the same field, separated by a semicolon and a space. Enter in order of their prominence, or if that is not applicable, in alphabetical order.

The following chart lists common language codes, along with language names.

Common Languages by Code
ara Arabic
chi Chinese
eng English
fre French
ger German
grc Greek, Ancient (to 1453)
gre Greek, Modern (1453- )
ita Italian
jpn Japanese
lat Latin
spa Spanish

For some collections, it may be desirable to provide the name of the language(s) in spelled-out form. If so, use the Language element in addition to Language Code.



fre; ger

Revision Date: 11/21/19