StaffGuide: CONTENTdm Cookbook

Recipes for Metadata Entry for the University of Arkansas Libraries

Linked Resource

Field Name: Linked Resource is the default. However, custom-tailored field names may be appropriate for an individual collection.
Requirement: Mandatory, if available
Repeatable: Yes
Search: No
Hide: No
Vocabulary: No
Dublin Core (DC) Mapping: dc.relation.isReferencedBy
MARC Mapping: 510 [0 ] $a
CONTENTdm Data Type: Text
Dublin Core Definition: A related resource that references, cites, or otherwise points to the described resource.
UA Definition: The finding aid or other online resource that cites the digital object.

Any time the object being digitized belongs to a Special Collections collection with corresponding online finding aid, provide a link to the finding aid. Give only the complete URL for the resource, omitting explanatory text.

Provide a link for other online resources that reference the digital object as applicable. In such cases, it may be desirable to supply custom field names and/or explanatory text. When explanatory text is used, give it first, followed by the URL in parentheses. (Within the parentheses, enter a space immediately before and immediately after the URL so that CONTENTdm will generate a clickable hyperlink.)

When there are multiple linked resources, prefer to record the link for each in a separate occurrence of the Linked Resource element, rather than entering them in the same field and separating by a semicolon space. Give only the complete URL for the resource, omitting explanatory text.


This item is available in the Hunter Collection ( ). (This text is paired with field name “Hunter Collection”.)

Revision Date: 11/21/19