StaffGuide: CONTENTdm Cookbook

Recipes for Metadata Entry for the University of Arkansas Libraries

Type (AAT)

Field Name: Type (AAT)
Requirement: Optional  (recommended if Medium element used)
Repeatable: No
Search: Yes
Hide: No
Vocabulary: Yes (See below)
Dublin Core (DC) Mapping: dc.type
MARC Mapping: 655 [ 7] $a with $2 aat
CONTENTdm Data Type: Text
Dublin Core Definition: The nature or genre of the resource.
UA Definition: Terms drawn from the Art and Architecture Thesaurus (AAT) that further specify and define the broader term selected as the DCMI Type.

The optional Type (AAT) element may be used along with the required Type element to provide fuller information about the kind of object being digitized. Use one or more terms from the Art and Architecture Thesaurus list provided below.[1]  Definitions for terms may be found in the AAT online at  If additional terms are needed, they should be added to the list.

When multiple types are to be assigned to a single resource, enter each term in the same field separated by a semicolon and a space. Enter types in order of their prominence. Note that AAT terms are nearly all lowercase.

When a general term (in boldface) and a specific term apply, generally assign both (e.g., “topographic maps” and “maps”). Within a single project, consistency should be the goal.

If it is deemed important to record additional details about the original physical object being digitized, use the optional Medium element.


General Type

(Do not use these terms)

Authorized AAT Terms

Cartographic Materials

maps; atlases; engineering maps; fire insurance maps; geological maps; globes; historical maps; relief maps; manuscript maps; nautical charts; plats; population maps; quadrangle maps; thematic maps; topographic maps


photographs; aerial photographs; black-and-white photographs; black-and-white slides; card photographs; color photographs; color slides; cyanotypes; daguerreotypes; digital images; slides; stereographs; stereoscopic photographs


drawings; architectural drawings; blueprints; conceptual drawings; design development drawings; diagrams; renderings; schematic drawings; technical drawings; tracings; wireframe drawings; working drawings


paintings; oil paintings; watercolors

Other Visual Works

prints; botanical illustrations; cartoons; charts; color charts; color prints; comic strips; engravings; linocuts; posters; scientific illustrations; sculpture; technical illustrations


models; architectural models; historical models; scale models


plans; building plans; floor plans; site plans


books; booklets; comic books; graphic novels; plat books; rare books; school yearbooks; scrapbooks; sketchbooks; yearbooks


periodicals; articles; indexes; journals (periodicals); magazines; newsletters; newspapers


reports; annual reports; proceedings; progress reports; quarterly reports; technical reports


manuscripts; diaries; dissertations; illuminated manuscripts; journals (accounts); masters theses
Correspondence correspondence; business letters; electronic mail; envelopes; greeting cards; invitations; letters; mailing labels; postcards; telegrams
Catalogs catalogs; exhibition catalogs; sales catalogs
Records vital statistics records; birth certificates; birth records; census records; death certificates; death records; divorce records; marriage certificates; marriage records
financial records; account books; audits; invoices; patents; receipts; sales records; stock certificates; tax records
administrative records; agendas; bylaws; minutes; personnel records
church records; baptismal certificates; baptismal registers; burial registers; funeral registers
school records; commencements; diplomas
government records; county government records; federal government records; municipal government records; public records; state government records
legislative records; bills; laws; ordinances; statutes
legal documents; agreements; case files; charters; wills
property records; deed books; deeds; land grants; land surveys
lists; attendance lists; checklists; donor lists; inventories; mailing lists; membership lists
Video video recordings; DVDs; feature films; motion pictures; streaming video; television programs; VHS
Audio sound recordings; audiobooks; audiocassettes; broadcasts; compact discs; digital audio formats; digital audio tapes; phonograph records; podcasts; radio programs; tape reels
Other Media microforms; CD-ROMs; CD-Rs; CD-RWs; magnetic tapes
Artifacts board games; bumper stickers; buttons; commemoratives; jigsaw puzzles; stickers
Printed Music scores; sheet music
Ephemera programs; concert programs; souvenir programs; theater programs
printed ephemera; calendars; clippings; leaflets; pamphlets; tickets; ticket stubs
Identification/Affiliation business cards; drivers' licenses; identity cards; library cards; membership cards; memorial cards; visiting cards
Instruction instructional materials; cookbooks; manuals; procedures; recipes; style manuals
Miscellaneous Types advertisements; application forms; bibliographies; biographies; circulars (fliers); commercials; essays; finding aids; genealogical tables; interviews; lecture notes; lectures; notes; poems; reminiscences; scripts; sermons; songs; speeches; texts; transcripts; translations

[1] Terms are AAT, except that parenthetical qualifiers have been omitted unless needed to distinguish between two otherwise identical terms.


photographs; black-and-white photographs

maps; drawings; architectural drawings


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