StaffGuide: Electronic Serials

Electronic Serials

Ex-Libris Support Center - Reporting a Problem


Opening and Submitting a Case: 

  • Log into the ExLibris Support Center & Online Community via the link in Serials Solutions or through the public portal

Support Center


  • Select Create a New Case
  • Asset = "University of Arkansas Fayetteville-- 360 Core (Client Center)" 
  • Affected Environment = Production Environment 
  • Priority = Normal (usually)
  • KB Target/Resource = blank (usually)

Case Edit

  • Title = Journal or Resource Title with ISSN (if possible)
  • Description = Being as specific as possible, describe the problem. Reference the database name, title, issn, holdings, source of information, URL, etc.
  • Category = Select the category the case falls into. Common selections include: General and URL Replacement. (If you select General, select the most appropriate Subject of the case in the dropdown menu to the right. 
  • Additional e-mails can be added if desired. 
  • Select Submit, or, if needed added attachments (screenshots, etc) and submit. 

Problem Reporting Details

Best Practices: 

  • It is normally best to report only one problem per email. (Don't make the emails overly complicated). 
  • Be polite and say thank you!
  • Add any relevant urls, but make sure to take the proxy out.
  • An automatic confirmation email will arrive shortly. It is a good idea to keep these, and any subsequent emails, in a designated folder to keep up with what is pending. You may consider forwarding Serials Solutions emails to the Serials Solutions Follow Up Trello board.  Also, you can put a tickler in the record if it is something that will need follow up. Note: You may need to request access to access the trello board.
  • Subsequent emails can be routed to eSerials. 


Create a Case


Problem reporting