StaffGuide: Electronic Serials

Electronic Serials

eSerials Workflow

eSerials Workflow

When to notify Web Services/Web Librarian

The Web Services Librarian should be notified when: 

  • If it’s an entirely new database:
    • ​​​Decision gets made about whether or not it needs to be created for the website / Research Guides as a database, too.
    • Statistics information / credentials recorded and entered in Sierra and on SS 360 COUNTER.
    • Update / Create any EndNote information.  
    • Test in Summon 
  • If it is a database name change / split​:
    • Updating website/Research Guides is needed. 
    • Updating/Creating EndNote information if needed.
    • Check on statistics settings.
  • If the database is being dropped, ceases, or is canceled. 

For database-level changes, when in doubt, notify the Web Services librarian. Changes made at the title-level (adding titles, deleting titles, revisions, etc.) within databases  do not need the Web Services Librarian's review. 

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