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Knowledge Base Notifications

Knowledgebase Notifications

The Serials Solutions Knowledgebase (KB) notification page is the way Serials Solutions notifies of us changes that occur in providers, titles, database migrations, content, etc. Through the KB notification page, we can see when important changes in Serials Solutions will take place and determine if we have effectively addressed those changes. 

Because items disappear off the KB page after a period of several weeks to months, it is important that we review the page periodically, and it is helpful to keep versions of the page saved the Serials Drive on Alexandria so that we can review past changes if necessary. 

It is good practice to save the knowledge base page when completing the monthly holdings report. If you notice that a major change is about to occur, but it does not look like it has been addressed (either by being checked off as completed or annotated), address the issue or pass it on to the appropriate person.

To save the page, complete the following procedure:

  • Select the Knowledgebase Notifications link in the main Serials Solutions page. 

Knowledge base notification page

  • Highlight all of the notifications and copy (ctrl+c)
  • Open an Excel file and paste (ctrl+v) the copied contents into the file. 

Knowledge base in Excel

  • Save the file in the Alexandria>>Serials>>ERM>>Knowledge Base Notifications and title it the month and year. 

Link to the change list from Serials Solutions (may require login).