StaffGuide: Electronic Serials

Electronic Serials



Draft: 11/30/16 cwh

Review Print Drops 

Print drops require a print Drop Sheet. While the majority of the form is completed by Print Serials, there is an eSerials component that eSerials must review. 

Drops can be complex and the following procedure may not address all circumstances involving drops. Questions should be directed to your Supervisor. 

NOTE: If a print drop is because print ceased, but internet is still continuing and we have access a title change must done. 

Under URL: Sent for Decision, eSerials must conduct a review regarding the internet accessibility of the impending drop. The key is to document all action in the ESER REVIEW Box. 


Drop Form


During the review, options for action include selecting: 

Retain: Often print titles will retain some form of internet access (e.g. perpetual access, ERM aggregator controlled access). If some form of internet access will remain on the bib record, then select Retain. 

Delete: In some cases, a print drop will be accompanied by a loss of internet access. Review the internet access (looking for ERM check ins, reviewing the order record and y856 in the bib) to determine that access is no longer available. If you do select delete, in the ESER REVIEW provide a brief note regarding the deletion: 

  • Example: Removed ERM check ins, access no longer available. 

If ERM checkins are removed, be sure to edit the coverage table as well as review Serials Solutions for additional maintenance. 

Add: In some cases, print may be dropped, but internet access is available. Be sure to document in the ESER REVIEW box what has been added. 

  • This could include a print drop where an internet subscription will replace the print. 
    • Note Example: Added awaiting access tickler for internet access
  • A review of the title in Serials Solutions allows for the title to be profiled in a database and ERM check in added.
    • Note Example: Added ERM checkin (open access database available).
  • A URL is available (via google search or some other discovery method).  
    • Note Example: Added 856 url to the bib. 

If ERM checkins are removed, be sure to edit the coverage table as well as review Serials Solutions for additional maintenance. 

None: If no internet is present on the print bib and, after review, no internet is available, select none. 

Don’t Add: This option is rarely used, but can be marked if internet is available, but for whatever reason we have decided not to add it to the record. 


When drops come back from cataloging, they must be reviewed by a member of the eSerials team. The procedures for what to look for during the review are listed below. If something is missing, incorrect, or you have other questions or concerns, consult with LS1, the Serials Cataloger, or the Serials/Cataloging Specialist. 

When reviewing drops back from Cataloging:

  • Verify that the decision listed on the drop form None, Retain, Delete, Add, Don’t Add has been completed. 

  • Check the public view to ensure everything is displaying correctly. 

  • Verify access by connecting via the internet access available. 

  • The CAT Date is complete. 

  • The location includes Inter and:
    • For serials: there is an appropriate ERM check in card or ERMDummy check in card. The ERMdummy card is used if the internet access is available but the resource has not yet been catalog loaded (no ERM). ERM dummy records are only attached if there are no catalog loaded ERM checkins on the record. 

    • For monographs: there is an Internet Item Record attached. 

  • For monographs: a 506 restricted access field (e.g. Electronic access limited...note). If there isn't add one. Note: Serials Journals never receive a 506. (This information is placed in the resource record, not the bibliographic record). If you review a Serial Journal with a 506, inform Deb Kulczak.

  • 655 genre field (Often Electronic Journals or Electronic Books, but may include Databases, Electronic newspapers, etc.). 

  • The appropriate 690 if appropriate for open access. 

  • Review (if available) the 780 and 785 fields. Verify that the internet holdings (if any) are correctly reflected in the record. 

  • Review the 830s for Analyzed titles. Verify that the Series are correct. The 830 must match the 130 of the correlating authority record. 

    • If a Series is present on the record, it is good practice to review the Series Authority Record to see if any special instructions are provided regarding the title. 

  • If the resource has not yet been catalog loaded there will be a URL as an 856 in the bib: 
    • Make sure that the appropriate indicators are in place. 

      • Example of online only url: Y 856 40 |u|zv.1 (1995)-  .  
      • Example of print+online url:Y 856 41 |u|zv.1 (1995)-  .  
      • Example of related resource url:Y 856 42 |u|zIndex only.
    • Review the |z holdings accurate holding information. For appropriate formatting and phrasing visit the Cataloging Staff guide (Print + Serials) procedures. If there is more than one URL on the bibliographic record then add (after two spaces) Provider web site. 
  • Search for the title/resource in Serials Solutions. Verify that it is correctly profiled and the coverage dates are correct. If the resource is unable to profile, add the 994 SERIALS SOLUTIONS Unable to profile (D/I) note. 

  • When review is completed, Date/Initial in the Eserials reviewed blank and send the drop on to next person on the list or, if all recipients have reviewed, put the drop paperwork in the ready to file basket. 

Online Drops

Online drop and withdraw: 

When a title is dropped and needs to be withdrawn

  • Remove all of the URLs related to the title being dropped.  Check if cancelation/drop affects other titles or has title changes.
  • Make sure there are no records/holdings attached, or urls in the bibliographic record, or 860s describing physical holdings. If no holdings or records attached then mark bibliographic BCODE3 =d.  (Note: an order record may be attached, but if it is, be sure to mark the bib suppressed BCODE3=n.  (Do not delete the order record!!)
  • Update coverage edit. 
  • Update Serials Solutions by changing the profiling status to Under Review for the title. If it is the last title profiled in a database, see the unprofiling database procedure. 
  • Add 99x notes for cataloging processing.  Remember to add the title the processing create list in Sierra.  
  • Add a local note v947 DROPPED: [describe the drop/cancel/withdrawal include format being dropped].  Use order record language to describe drop and include fromat, last issue, Provider name, and any information needed for determining access in the future. (D/I). 
  • Add 99x notes for any Perpetual access include provider info. (D/I)
  • Once work is complete for any paid titles or databases, notify Beth of the canceled title/database.  This is particularly important if this is the last title in a Serials Solutions database or the last title on a particular domain or if this affects Web Bridge.  Example: We no longer have access to: Journal of pomology and horticultural science (b34030748) and Journal of pomology (b3403075x) and they are being withdrawn.
  • Move related emails to finished and any Pending trello tasks are routed to done.