StaffGuide: Electronic Serials

Electronic Serials

Fully Cataloged Bibs with No Internet or Other Holdings Attached

Fully Cataloged Bibs with No Internet or Other Holdings Attached

Occasionally, all of the internet access (electronic check ins, 856 URLs, etc) for a bibliographic record gets removed, and the record no longer has any holdings (print or electronic) attached.

When this occurs, you should:

  • Review the order record (if available) to ensure paid access has ceased.
  • Conduct a brief search to determine if alternative internet access is available.
    • Visit Serials Solutions to check if the title can be profiled in an appropriate database (e.g. the resource is now free and can be profiled in DOAJ, or another open access/freely available database which we already have profiled). If available, profile the title and complete the manually adding ERM check in procedure.
    • If unable to add internet access via ERM, complete a quick Google search to determine if a freely available URL exists for that title.
      • Conducting a search for a URL: (For more information see: Broken URL section)
        • Evaluate the web site for credibility and appropriateness before adding holdings to the catalog.
        • Ensure that access to an archive of the material exists.
        • If you have a question about whether a specific URL should be added to the bib or reported to Serials Solutions, consult with your supervisor.

  • If an 856 URL is added to the bibliographic record:
    • Add the URL and an internet placeholder checkin. Document the addition with a v993 SER PROC note: SER PROC URL 856 added to bib because no other internet access was available (D/I). 

No Holdings Note

  • If no alternative internet access is found:
    • Suppress record.
    • ‚ÄčAdd note v993 SER PROC Record suppressed; internet access no longer available, no other holdings. (D/I). Groups of these suppressed records will be gathered periodically to review and cleanup. (See box below).

No holdings


Temporary Suppression of Groups of Records

Sometimes it is necessary to temporarily suppress access to groups of records. If a group of records needs to be temporarily suppressed complete the following procedure:

  • Make a printout or export of the holdings as they are now from SS and save for any future reversions.  This export should be saved on the Serials Drive>>ERM>>Temporarily Suppressed Records.

  • Update the holdings in the coverage database in Sierra.

  • In the coverage edit, change the start date on current titles to correspond to the actual coverage available. It may be necessary to suppress (make inactive) older titles, or titles that we no longer have access to. 

  • Suppress the check in records for the inactive titles. 

  • Suppress the bibs for any titles that have no holdings left. 

  • Move the resource "k" field (alert) to a note field (n) for future reference. 

  • Add a second note field to the resource record regarding the temporary suspension.