StaffGuide: Receiving & Processing

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Lisa Headstream
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Receiving--Check In Overview:

Receiving involves the reception of print serials (both continuation and periodical) in all formats, checking in said serials, and then processing those print serials for circulation.

This entails working in the LMS, various platforms, and using various technology tools to complete a variety of procedures:

  • Confirm the title, volume, issue and cover date information.
  • Process indices and supplements.
  • Create check-in and item records as required.
  • Keep accurate statistics of received items.
  • Edit check-in cards and records as needed.

Also the Receiving Specialist is additionally charged with the task of maintaining the validity of online bibliographic and check-in records.

These sections of the Receiving & Processing Staff Guide provide a listing of the tools, resources, and procedures necessary for completing these objectives.

Receiving--Check In

Receiving--Special Check In Procedures by Location

Receiving--Additional Processing

Receiving--Creating ...