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Title Changes and Alternate Titles


If you notice title change notes in the check-in record, send the issue to the Serials Processing Specialist for review. These notes should be at the top of the check-in record and say “PENDING TITLE CHANGE: [info regarding title change and which issue to send for review]." There will also be a note in the check-in card prompting you to send the issue for review. To see what the Serials Processing Specialist does upon receiving these issues, go to the processing--title changes section.

You may also learn about title changes from vendors or publisher correspondence. Any e-mails, vendor notifications, letters, editor’s notes, etc. that indicate an upcoming title change should be forwarded to the Serials Processing Specialist.

You can also send issues to be reviewed if, during the check-in process, you notice a title on the front cover (or prominent area) that’s different from the main title and isn’t listed as an alternate title in the bib record.

Here is an example of the main title (the 245 field) and alt titles (222s or 246s) as listed in a bib record:

Title and alternate titles

After reviewing the issue, the Serials Processing Specialist will do one of two things:

  • If the new title is significantly different: Initiate a Title Change, which will involve adding the check-in record notes as described above, reviewing future issues, and possibly creating a separate bib record for the new title.
  • If the new title is a minor variation of the main title: Add the new title as an alternate title to the same bib record. Adding alternate titles makes the journal easier to find in the public catalog, with more search possibilities.