StaffGuide: Receiving & Processing

Receipt Acknowledgement Cards

A few publications, generally from East Asia, will send their issues with a receipt acknowledgement card that they request be returned to them.If you need to return a receipt acknowledgement card, please follow these instructions:

  • Fill the card out. If there is a checkbox to confirm that we've received the issue and would like to continue receiving new issues, tick "Yes" (unless we're dropping the title).
  • In the address area of the card, stamp with the Serials Department address stamp (should be at either the Serials Receiving Specialist's workstation or the Serials processing table).
  • Take a Serials Department envelope and apply a label with the publisher's return address printed on it.
    • The Serials Receiving Specialist may have a sheet of labels with the publisher's address already printed.
    • If you need to create a label:
      • Obtain a blank sheet of labels, which should be either on the shelves near the Preservation office or the tech services supply cabinet. Note the label type you're using (for example, Avery 5164).
      • In Microsoft Word, go to the Mailings function and select Labels. From the label options, you can select your label type. You can also specify if you want to print the address on the full sheet of labels or a single label by row and column. Then, simply type the address in the address field, insert your label sheet into your printer, and select Print.
  • If the address is oversees (which it generally is), stamp the envelope with the Air Mail stamp (should be on the Serials processing table).
  • Place the Receipt Acknowledgement Card in the stamped and labeled envelope.
  • Place envelope in Serials Outgoing Mail basket.
  • Log sending of the card in a 5-dash note in the check-in record. There will probably already be a note created from prior card returns. If so, add a new entry with your date and initials at the end of the note.