StaffGuide: Receiving & Processing

Online Only Issues

As needed, we will include and mark boxes for online only issues. We sometimes do this when a journal publishes an exclusive web-only issue (which for some journals is a regular part of their publication schedule so we set the card up this way in advance, but in more irregular situations we get notified of these through publisher correspondence), and for issues that we can access online in full-text but are not included in our print subscription. In both of these scenarios, we especially prefer to do this when the issue falls in with the date and/or enumeration pattern of the regular print issues, to clarify that there are no gaps in the print.

We also do this when we are unable to successfully claim for the print issue but have full text access online. NOTE: In this case, you will also need to let the Receiving Specialist know so he/she can update the library holdings info to reflect the gap in print.

Be mindful of any check-in record instructional notes pertaining to online only issues:

Online only check-in record instructions

For these issues, you will follow this procedure:

  • Double click on the check-in box to open the modify window.
  • Change the status to “u” (unavailable).
  • Blank the expected date.
  • If applicable, enter/verify the cover date and/or enumeration.
  • In the public note, enter “Online Only."
  • If desired, copy & paste the URL into the URL line (however, if there is a URL or database link in the catalog online record that contains the full-text issue, there is no need to add a URL to the check-in box).
  • Click OK after all the changes are made and save the card.

As you can see in this example, we need to add online boxes for this publication because the online issues share the same date and enumeration pattern with the print issues:

Online only check-in boxes

For Arkansas / University related publications:

  • Watch for notes in the check-in record with instructions to capture the PDF and save to the electronic resources drive. If you see a pattern of "pdf@serials" notes in the boxes but we do not have instructions about capturing the PDFs, notify the Receiving Specialist so this can be reviewed further.
  • If you notice that the title is in ScholarWorks@UARK, we no longer have to capture the PDFs per University Archivist. Please notify the Receiving Specialist about this so it can be reviewed further.