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Online Only Issues

As needed, we will include and mark boxes for online only issues. We usually do this when a journal publishes a web-only exclusive issue, or an issue that we can access online in full-text but not included in our subscription, that falls in with the date and/or enumeration pattern of the regular print issues.

For most of these issues, you will follow this procedure:

  • Double click on the check-in box to open the modify window.
  • Change the status to “u” (unavailable).
  • Blank the expected date.
  • If applicable, enter/verify the cover date and/or enumeration.
  • In the public note, enter “Online Only.”
  • If desired, copy & paste the URL into the URL line (if there is a URL or database link in the public display that contains the full-text issue, there is no need to add a URL to the check-in box).
  • Click OK after all the changes are made and save the card.

For Arkansas / University related publications:

  • Watch for notes in the check in record with instructions to capture the PDF and save to the electronic resources drive. If you see a pattern of "pdf@serials" notes in the boxes but we do not have instructions about capturing the PDFs, notify the Serials Processing Specialist so this can be reviewed further. 
  • If you notice that the title is in ScholarWorks@UARK, we no longer have to capture the PDFs per University Archivist. Please notify the Serials Processing Specialist about this so it can be reviewed further. 

NOTE: The Mergent Dividend Record (b17973740) has slightly different procedures. There is a new online issue every week. For this title, you will change the status to “arrived” rather than unavailable and include a transaction date to let the public know that the issue is now available online.