StaffGuide: Receiving & Processing

Compact Storage

Content Services has a section called “Serials Processing” in Compact Storage on level 1. Compact Storage is located near Shipping & Receiving on Level 1 and can be accessed by taking the freight elevator in Content Services or taking the West Side staircase to level 1, then proceeding down the walkway by the stacks straight to the other entrance into Shipping and Receiving.

Serials Processing section in Compact Storage contains:

  • Duplicates of the Arkansas Historical Quarterly
  • Duplicates of Arkansas related publications
  • Duplicates of U of A yearbooks called The Razorback
  • 1x adds awaiting to be processed & cataloged

Tip: Multiple rows of compact shelving can be moved at once, by clicking the compact shelving button of the open row, then pressing the button of the shelf you wish to move, then turning the compact shelving handle.

Safety Tip: the shelving can be stopped at any time by touching the bottom (red lined) section with your foot. In case you’re ever working in compact shelving and the range you’re in starts to move, there’s a kick plate all along the bottom of each length of shelving to stop it. People are supposed to check before moving anything, but that’s not always foolproof.